Free Valentines Day swtor credits giveaway:SWTOR’s Retire for a Next Gen

Free Valentines Day swtor credits giveaway:SWTOR’s Retire for a Next Gen

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  1. In the past few days, the poll whether you are ready for Swtor to be retired for a next gen Star Wars MMO has been heated in the community. Different players hold different opinions. But an overwhelming number of players vote no, but Swtor needs to add the new content. Even some of them think that Bioware now has no choice but keeping Swtor alive.

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    Vote no. Swtor just needs fresh content adding.

    SWTOR is quite obviously past its prime and didn’t even live up to expectations in the first place. But there is so much great story content already and overall a good setup in terms of a galaxy to play in. It would be pleasing if they do just at least reboot it with a new, acceptable engine.

    For many players, the main sticking point for Swtor is to get the current content revamped and a platform that would offer a better experience overall, a better launching point for all new releases, and something that would look better to the eye.

    To make players satisfied with this game, Bioware need make many changes so far, but it is not time to sentence SWTOR to death.

    Just want another MMO in style of SWG.

    The leveling system in Star Wars is really good before, so a fusion of SWG with the design and production standards of Asian MMO, like Black Desert Online & Blade and Soul, would be incredibly amazing. Bioware would do well to have the next SW MMO Combat system / Art work / World Design / and creative development so that Asian MMOGs are with a western story driven / progression / gearing system backbone.

    Swtor is not going to be retired, especially over a short period.

    Except for the above opinions, the others don’t think that Swtor will be retired soon or that Bioware creates a new MMO to replace it. Currently, new MMOs spring up, but no one can match World of Warcraft. WOW was the one-hit wonder, and even even Blizzard has not been able to replicate its success with a new MMO, least of all Bioware. That is to say, Swtor has been EA’s most profitable title for years. It is impossible to be retired soon or to replace by a new MMO.

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