Free rs 2007 gold giveaway: OSRS Dragon Claws Stats Remain Same in Tourney Worlds & Pre-EOC

Free rs 2007 gold giveaway: OSRS Dragon Claws Stats Remain Same in Tourney Worlds & Pre-EOC

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  1. This Friday, there will be a brand new Raid Rewards coming into OSRS, paired with Dragon Claws! Today, Jagex has unveiled OSRS Dragon Claws stats, and some stats remain unchanged as they were in tourney worlds and pre-eoc. Currently, there are different opinions on Dragon Claws OSRS. Will you vote for it?

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    Preview Dragon Claws Stats OSRS

    For OSRS Dragon Claws, Stab has 41 Attack and 13 Defence; Slash has 57 Attack and 26 Defence; Crush has -4 Attack and 7 Defence. Besides, there are other bonuses, such as 56 Melee strength and 4 Attack rate.

    As of the special attack, using 50% of the special attack bar will hit an enemy four times in succession, where the first hit will hit 100% of the damage, the second hitting 50% of the first, and the third and fourth both adding up to the second.

    Prepare fully for the poll of Dragon Claws

    The stats look nice with no doubt. To make thing clearer, you should know the following things:

    1. These above stats of OSRS Dragon Claws will be presented in the poll.

    2. There are the unchanged stats for Dragon Claws, exactly as they were in tourney worlds and exactly as they were pre-eoc.

    3. If dragon claws don’t pass, there would be a stronger version of claws to get through.

    4. Degrading mechanics would be mentioned under special effects and more.

    Vote for OSRS Dragon Claws: Yea or Nay?

    For a long time, Old school scapers appeal for Dragon Claws. But when it is added in the poll, different views are held among players. some people think that Dragon Claws wouldn’t be a good reward from raid, because they are similar to AGS in use. In PvM, spec weapons wouldn’t replace DWH/SGS. So claws will be around the price of AGS. Thus they are so common that AGS would be crashed, making armadyl even less worth doing than it currently is.

    However, other players think that claws are fun to use for slayer and pre-EOC. As its functions, they are very useful at bandos for anyone not tanking and crashers. Claws and a max slash build made crashing anyone who had a str build. Tanks and max teams will probably still use SGS, but it would be wise for all attackers to carry a set of claws just in case they are crashed. Also, the amount of time that claws can take off the bandos kill can easily make up for the amount of damage that SGS could potentially heal.

    OSRS Dragon Claws will be in the blog tomorrow. Will you vote for them or not? IMO, it is really good to see Dragon Claws in Old School. While fixing your eyes on OSRS Dragon Claws, you should never miss 1300M RS3 Gold & 200M RS07 Gold giveaways on Nov 5!

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