Free swtor credits giveaway GC & Galactic Alliance Statue changes on Dec 13

Free swtor credits giveaway GC & Galactic Alliance Statue changes on Dec 13

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  1. Swtor 5th anniversary is going to be available from December 13 to January 17. In the maintenance on Dec 13, Bioware will make some adjustments to Swtor Galactic Command based on feedback, and give away a Galactic Alliance Statue for 5-year veteran players.

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    First round: at 03:00 AM on Dec 13, 2016 GMT

    Second round: at 03:00 AM on Dec 22, 2016 GMT

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    Adjustments to Galactic Command coming next Monday

    Next Monday, on December 13, Bioware will apply Swtor Update 5.0.1 from 12pm to 16pm GMT. as we all know, players have more and more doubts for Swtor Galactic Command. In the upcoming maintenance, Bioware will continue making adjustments to the Command Rank system. What’s more, players will be able to gain the Command XP from a number of activities in patch 5.0.1, and it will be increased to 50% – 100%.

    Galactic Alliance Statue for 5-year veteran players

    To thank players who subscribe this game since launch with non-stop, Bioware woll provide an exclusive Galactic Alliance Statue decoration to them. This statue can be claimed since December 13 via in-game email.

    “To qualify for this 5-year distinguished veteran reward, you must have become a swtor subscribe within 90 days of the game’s official launch on December 20, 2011 and remained a continuous Subscriber as of December 12, 2016 at 7:59AM GMT.” That is to say, this statue costs $720-$900!

    To be honest, such a limit will bar too many players to qualify for this statue. If you cannot get the statue, never be frustrated. Swtor 5th anniversary will give you more fun with Life Day event and other activities. To have full fun in Swtor 5 anniversary, you can snap up free swtor credits on Dec 13 to make a preparation!

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