Free swtor credits giveaway:Current CXP Boost Runs at 350% Rather Than 250%

Free swtor credits giveaway:Current CXP Boost Runs at 350% Rather Than 250%

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  1. With the release of Swtor Game Update 5.1.1, new CXP leveling event starts and offers 250% increases (as Bioware stated). To make things simplified, Bioware explained that the event would originally grant each player 2.5x multiplier CXP, but now it is a 3.5x multiplier. You can click here to learn more changes in 5.1.1 and 5.1.2.

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    What differences are between “250% increase” and “2.5x multiplier”?

    In order to make everything simple, we should be able to know what “250% increase” and “2.5x multiplier” mean respectively. It works like:

    100% increase ==> base + base ==> 2x

    150% increase ==> base + base + 1/2 base ==> 2.5x

    250% increase ==> base + base + base + 1/2 base ==> 3.5x

    That means, a “100% increase” means the thing grows by the entirety of itself one times. So if something increases by 250%, then it is being multiplied by 3.5.

    The current CXP boost will increase XP by 250%

    The latest official statement said that “the current CXP boost in the game for the event is operating at 350% instead of 250% as we originally stated. Since the Mission buffs are coming in 5.1.2 we decided to make the boost even larger until then!”

    It makes some players confused. Based on the above formulation, it actually means that Swtor CXP event is now a 3.5x multiplier, instead of a 2.5x multiplier. For example, if you would normally receive 100 CXP, the event would originally grant you 250 CXP and will now grant you 350 CXP.

    Are you clear on Swtor CXP event now? It will increase XP by 250%. Besides, Bioware has confirmed that the boost will be larger with the release of 5.1.2. Enjoy yourself in the crazy cxp bonus! BTW, don’t forget to snap up free swtor credits on February 15 from our site!

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