French Culinary Institute

French Culinary Institute

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              The French Culinary Institute was founded in 1984. The French Culinary Institute is located in New York, in the Soho District along with two other locations. One in California and the other in Italy. The French Culinary Institute is considered to be the the top culinary and pastry school in the world. They offer full career courses as well as Pastery and Bread making classes. They have just added Italian cooking including an exchange trip to Italy. They also offer single courses and clinics to get a Certificate instead of a full degree. Just as regular colleges they have financial aid, and housing available to new students. New classes start every six weeks with easy enrollment. Needing only a high school diploma. They would  like you to have some past experience in cooking but is not required.

              They have the best student ratio of 12 students to one teacher. This way every student gets the attention that they need to do the best job they can. You can graduate in 6 to 9 months depending on if you attend day or evening classes. You will have award winning Chefs as the teachers along with Celebrity Chefs who give lectures and demonstrations.The classes are broken down into 4 levels. First you will learn around 250 rules along with ways for Western Cooking. The second step you will learn how to do these cooking tips in the kitchen. You will be cooking for the Facutly and staff. If you can calm yourself down long enough to hold a spoon. The third step will be that they will put you to work in one of 6 of their own restaurants. To test what you have learned. Talk about a stress free job! You must also complete 600 hours of study; containing 469 hours of hands on work and 131 hours of theory.  The cost for these classes will be a total of $46,750 dollars.

             Cooking the Italian way is taught at the International Culinary Institute for a one of a kind study. In 7 months you can get your degree in Italian cooking. You will first start learning at the French Culinary Institute in New York City for the first 10 weeks. Then you will be flying your way to beautiful Italy, to the International Culinary Institute. There you can have your own housing near the International Institute. Included in your tuition. The training at the International Institute will take you just 9 weeks. Your training will be lead by Chef Gualtiero Marchesi. He is the worlds leading Chef on Italian Cooking. You also will be learning your world class Wine tasting and pairing wine with food. The Director and Master Sommelier Scott Carney with be the Teacher helping you learn all about Wine.

              Some of the classes you will be taking in Italy are Italian Language, Italian Culture, Italian Cuisine and the history of Italian Culture. You also will be learning Pastry and Cakes.  Pastry you will learn how to create a pastry shop, how to write a business plan, how to raise the needed money, marketing, design, construction, licensing, and permits. How to plan a menu, hiring, managing, and motivating your staff. Your instructors will be Chef Jacques Torres and Chef Emily Luchetti along with Cake Designer Ron Ben-Israel.

              You also will learn traditional and International Bread making. You will be learning many different way’s and kinds of breads. You will be making traditional loaves of bread as well as breads like crusty ciabatta, grissini,croissants, baguettes, lmpa, and many kinds of Danish. These classes can have the cost of $43,300 along with Breads costing $11,000 taking 240 hours of training.

    These are a few of the careers that you can work towards:

    Italian Culinary

    Classic Culinary Arts

    Classic Culinary Arts Wine intensive

    Classic Culinary Honors Programs

    Classic Culinary Arts

    Technology Concentration

    Classic Pastry Arts

    Classic Pastry Honors Program

    Cake Techniques and Design

    Art of International Bread Baking

    Along with many other areas of study. I hope that if you are looking for a career in Culinary cooking that you look for the best possible school with the best teaches.  




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