Fun Activities that Promote Physical Fitness

Fun Activities that Promote Physical Fitness

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  1. Fun physical activities

     Not everyone has the time to have a daily routine of running, swimming or going to the gym. For those people, this article will help you come up with new and different ideas to stay in shape while having fun and spending time with your family.

    The easiest way to get a nice workout while having fun is to dance. Dancing burns more calories than you may think. An hour of moderate dancing can help you burn up to 265 calories for the average 130 pound person.  If you feel like you have two left feet and dancing just is not your thing, it’s ok, there are a few more ideas up my sleeve.

    Take your family to see some great sites; maybe a few creeks, waterfalls and some local wildlife. Hiking is the next great way to have an outdoor adventure while getting some great exercise. In an hour, a moderate amount of hiking will have the average person losing 350 calories an hour. Wow that’s a lot. You are not only losing calories, but you are also helping to build muscle and increase your stamina. To add to that, who knows what you may see while hiking. Make sure to take your camera and plenty of water with you.

    If you live in a primarily flat state, it may be a little hard to find areas to hike. That is why you should just hop on a bike with your friends. Go out to the country and just enjoy the scenery. Cycling will help you lose up to 472 calories if you average a speed of 12-14 mph. Bike riding is also a great work out to tone your legs.

    Time will fly by when you are outside having fun and working out. I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor, hiking on a local trail, or just riding in the country. Cest la vie.

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