1.  For the past few decades, novels have been the big sellers in the publishing industry, and the
    edict became ”stick to a genre write novels within it”. In the last two of these decades, it has
    been established that writing a series in this genre would ensure better chances of success, as
    the bestseller era of writing published fiction was now in decline. Now this era itself is  
    declining with the rise of Amazon Kindle bringing about a short story renaissance.

     Nonethless, there are two big genres that sell right now in film, television, and published
    fiction. And those genres are crime and science fiction-fantasy, the former representing the
    ultimate horrors of our reality with the latter representing the ultimate escape from such
    horrors. Yet these genres sell across the board, and truly are not a reflection of the current
    state of the publishing industry. If anything, it is returning to a form that eschews genre

     Amazon Kindle is currently 35% of the publishing market, and will reach 50% within the next year
    and a half. Kindle and other eReaders are bringing about a resurgence in short fiction, a format
    where a writer has to master every genre he or she can to sell his or her marterial, as opposed to
    sticking to only one genre. While some may claim the novel, sticking to a genre, or writing a
    series ”still makes more money”, short attention spans and the success of short fiction through
    eReaders prove this way of thinking may gradually becoming a thing of the past, if they continue to play their cards right.

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