Get 07 gold for sale for Your Divine Simulacrum Outfits In Treasure Hunter

Get 07 gold for sale for Your Divine Simulacrum Outfits In Treasure Hunter

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  1. Safe site to buy runescape 07 gold on RSorder by paypal or alipay without any confirmation. Runescape is releasing their outfits right now in Treasure Hunter. To get your divine simulacrum outfits on Treasure Hunter, then you win a chance of double memories and chronicles plus some handy teleports. Don’t hesitate since time limited.

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    You can only get these outfits from 00:00 UTC on the 12th of November to 23:59 UTC on the 16th of November. Then combine all three for the elder simulacrum outfit, which further improves on the doubling benefits, plus chance for five times energy and more teleports.

    There are three variants of the basic divine simulacrum outfit, each with a distinct colour scheme. The outfits are available at different times over the coming five days. Note that all days run from 00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC , as per the in-game clock.

    Wearing all five pieces of one of the sets grants you the following benefits: 5% chance to get two memories instead of one. Note that this does mean double the XP and energy. 5% chance to get double chronicles when gathering. Unlimited teleports to May Stormbrewer or Guthix’s shrine.

    Pieces of divine simulacrum outfits can be swapped directly with other players, which will help when you’re completing your sets. Combine pieces of each of the three outfits to make the elder simulacrum outfit. It’s worth nothing that elder simulacrum pieces count as pieces of any of the regular sets for the lower set bonuses, so need to hold off creating them.

    The full set gives you the following benefits: 7% chance to get two memories instead of one; 7% chance to get double chronicles when gathering; 5% chance of getting five times energy gain; Unlimited teleports to May Stormbrewer or Guthis’x shrine; Three daily teleports to your choice of wisp colony as long as you meet the level requirement.

    If you have any pieces of the divner’s outfit, full simulacrum outfits give you the same Divination XP benefits as the pieces you own. For example, if you own two pieces of the diviner’s outfit, you will get a 2% Divination XP bonus, whereas if you own all five, you will get the full set bonus of 6%.

    A good chance to double your XP gains when you wear s simulacrum outfit. Run into the Treasure Hunter and get your five sets.

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