Get Cheap runescape gold fast on RSorder to Prepare for Clan Cup 2015

Get Cheap runescape gold fast on RSorder to Prepare for Clan Cup 2015

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  1. Clan Cup 2015 will start on December 4th, have you got enough rs 07 gold to prepare for the great event in the Old School Runescape. Six PvP cups for clans will be available in this year. So it is very necessary for you to buy cheap RS 07 gold on RSorder. In order to ensure you can make the most of the Clan Cup, it is always wise for you to gather enough 07 RS gold in your bank. RSorder always has plenty of cheap RS 07 gold for sale.

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    more details:

    Join in the Head-to-Head Cup

    PvM Arena will be a safe area in which any events taking place within the PvM cup. In this place, different boss monsters will be spawned every 15 seconds up to a limit of 3 at once. Between the times of 8pm GMT Friday and 10pm GMT Sunday, clan leaders will be able to access the PvM Arena and bring in their clans. The PvM Cup is a battle between two clans to gain the most boss kills inside the PvM arena in an hour. The clan with the most kills takes the win at the end of the hour. Hurry to gather cheap RS 07 gold on RSorder to buy necessary items or weapons to kill the boss.

    Make most of the Skilling Cup

    For skilling clans, they are also able to test their total levels against each other in the Skilling Cup. Every week, there will be a different skill available and clans are want to aiming to achieve the most efficient hour possible within that week. Old School team will use the data warehouse and take the experience earned in the most efficient hour in that skill from your top 5 performing clan members and add it up. The winner will be the clan that gained the most experience earned within those top 5 hours each week. If you need RS 07 gold to help you, you can always buy cheap Runescape 2007 gold on RSorder.

    In order to win the clan cup event, you’d better have enough RS 07 gold to arm yourself with best equipment, amour and other necessary items. If you are in lack of RS 07 gold, you can visit RSorder to buy cheap Runescape 2007 gold. RSorder Thanksgiving up to 8% free extra bonus for RS 07 & RS 3 gold will be available on RSorder soon, make sure to check out our site to get cheapest Runescape 2007 gold.

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