Get The Toned Body Back In Few Days

Get The Toned Body Back In Few Days

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    Women and men face normally face multiple skin issues, both superficial and skin deep, that includes cellulites.  Decades of raw hindsight and scientific observations later, even the skin issues that once seemed impossible to vanish are now being addressed easily.  Although solutions vary and are not always guaranteed, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that, in 2015, about 30,000 cellulite-related procedures were performed in the US alone.  That is not counting the number of people regularly subscribing to products that promise to kiss their cellulite problems goodbye.

    Are you giving your cellulites the right dose of treatment?

    Since cellulites are not superficial skin problems, the only way to for you to discern is by understanding what’s going on underneath your skin.

    The cottage cheese appearance that makes you loathe your cellulites that much is the result of skin fibers pulling your skin’s surface downward.  Simultaneously, it traps fats which, when these increase in amount, bulges, causing ripples to show on your skin.

    BeautyBum, a transdermal body cream, works by making these trapped fats contract so that these fats can escape the tight space created by the tough fibers.  When this happens, fats are released to the blood stream and cellulites appear less prominent.  Products such as this, however, do not always offer the same mechanism to improve cellulites, and there are other procedures that can help you firm up your skin in just a few days.

    How to get your toned body back

    1.    Performing regular weight training exercise.  Weight exercises that target cellulite affected areas of your body help keep the problem from worsening.  While muscle toning can help firm up your muscles and the appearance of your skin, it’s not enough to significantly improve your cellulites.

    2.  Cellulite and skin firming creams. These products commit to deliver cellulite reduction and removal through various deliver mechanisms, all promising to penetrate skin deeply.  The main mechanism is by delivering heat or creating a system of delivering heat to melt away the fat.  Some variation stimulate certain enzymes that facilitate faster metabolism that, apparently, gets rid of fat.  Results are generally enhanced when combined with other cellulite removal methods.

    3.  Massaging.  Whether self massaging with rollers and rubbing in coarse coffee grounds or, checking in to a spa, massaging does help improve your circulation which can also result to slight and temporary improvements of your cellulite problems.  Again, this works best when combined with other procedures.

    4.  Icing your cellulites. One of the more novel home remedies for treating your cellulites is by placing an ice pack on your cellulite-affected areas.  By doing so, your fats are frozen which kills your fat cells.  This home remedy takes after cryotherapy performed as an in-clinic procedure.  Make sure to never apply the ice directly on your skin.  Wrap it in a thermal bag before placing on your skin and do not over treat the area or you’ll end up damaging your tissues.  Read up on this procedure before trying it at home.

    5.  Cryotherapy.  Get the icy treatment from the professional.  The procedure may be similar to Item 4 but, you will have someone wrap the ice for you and time the application closely.  Some clinics will use a freezing device that brings the temperature just at the right level to kill the fat cells and then bring it up to melt the fat, all without damaging the surface of your skin.

    6.  Lipo-massage.  Uses a device that massages and sucks on your skin, causing fats to be loosened up and eventually become eliminated from your body.

    7.  Avail of three FDA-approved procedures for cellulite removal.  When you want more drastic improvements which can deliver more than any cellulite cream like BeautyBum can deliver, choose from Cellulaze, Cellfina and Body FX.  All of which involves cutting the fibers which pulls down your skin and traps your fat cells, and then melting away the fats that have been released.

    These procedures have been fairly recently been approved by the FDA, which limits studies on long-term results.  Cellulaze and Cellfina are minimally invasive while Body FX is non-invasive.  All result to minimal to no downtime, while results become fully visible after several months.  In the case of Body FX, a series of treatments may be necessary.


    A toned body may not be attained through any procedure exclusively availed or used on its own. Several treatments for cellulite are normally required for results to be visible and for results to last.  A cellulite cream is recommended to support the attainment of both goals.

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