Get Your Ideas with best rs3 gold- The Game Jam is Coming with DXP

Get Your Ideas with best rs3 gold- The Game Jam is Coming with DXP

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  1. This February, something very exciting is happening. During the Double XP Weekend, Jagex will be running a RuneScape Game Jam in the office and you peeps can get involved as well. Meanwhile, you can buy cheap runescape gold for sale with lower price at RS3gold for the approaching Double XP Weekend.

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    When the Game Jam will start?

    During Double XP Weekend, Jagex will run a RuneScape Game Jam with the aim to release a bunch of ideas from Reddit and forums. So if you have some amazing ideas about this game, let them know!

    Where the personal ideas will come from?

    Most of the ideas will come from suggestions on Reddit and the forums. What’s more, over the Saturday and Sunday, there will be several live streams where Jagex will update you on their progress and listen to your feedback. So why not tune in and get involved while grinding out those levels?

    Most importantly, buy cheap runescape gold for DXP right now

    The big news this month is the Double XP Weekend. Since it is coming soon, high time for you to buy runescape gold cheap for sale right now. Every player will be able to get an increased XP return during that following week – up to 1 million XP’S worth. This will be a great time to train those slower skills which tend to get left out over the busy weekend. What are you still hesitating for? Buy cheap rs gold with up to 10% off right now.

    It’s wise for you to make a early preparation for the DXP weekend. Meanwhile, express your ideas about the RS game positively. We should make efforts together to creative a more enjoyable gaming experience. Of course, RS3gold will always provide cheap rs gold with reasonable price and give you timely help.

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