Getting started as a writer

Getting started as a writer

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  1. So you’ve probably by now wondered what if I could become a writer! Well writing is easy to get started on but it’s what field you want to go into as well which is the tricky part. It helps to write something your passionate about so this could be for example: food, writing, earning money or quick how to guides. It’s important to think really hard about the niche you want to go into and then stick with it. However; if your wanting to write on a blog or a book always write in a good mindset! 

    Writing in a good mindset will make your writing better and clearer to understand. This does not mean you write while having a glass of wine! But it’s safe to say that you can self publish your works on various sites whether it’s just a hobby or to earn a passive income. This is where the fun starts. Especially when you pick the field of writing you want to go into. 


    Before you start


    Before you go and look at different sites to go and publish your work on it’s always advisable to take up a creative writing course. You can take these at adult learning centers or online websites such as This by far is the best online course provider and can give you certificate for your achievement. The course are free but they do charge for your certificate however; you don’t have to buy the certificate right away. Once you complete any course on this site it will be stored on your account for good. Unless you leave the course or delete it. The good thing about this site is that it does avoid deadlines for assignments. It’s 100% coursework based. 

    The courses aren’t hard and you can take as long as you want or go as  fast as you want but you can also do them any time you like and anywhere. So there’s very little fuss about missing a day of your course. 


    Second stage


    Now we’re at the second stage of what to do when we want to earn by writing! If it’s creative writing you’re looking for you can start here This site is a free book writing and publishing company. There are competitions you can join also. 

    This can help you get noticed and get published maybe even get a script writer to notice you. However; no job is easy unless you work hard for it. It’ll take time to get that perfect book written or that perfect article. 

    Third stage 

    This is where you can start to create your name and image. This is important when you’re entering into the lives of the public. It’s absolute key not to have anything bad from the past come back and bite you. This has happened to many famous faces but depending on the severity you can bounce from this. Though it’s certainly wise to make sure your equipment such as your computer safe with strong passwords which are changed regularly. 

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