Guide for Neverwinter Newbies & Level-70s: 10% discount Astral Diamond & Armor

Guide for Neverwinter Newbies & Level-70s: 10% discount Astral Diamond & Armor

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  1. Are you a newbie of Neveriwnter, or one of those reaching to Level 70 just now? Never mind! Maybe you all feel confused in the process. Here are some relevant tips for Neverwinter beginners and new to level 70. It features that Astral Diamonds and armor are key to players in this game.

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    Neverwinter astral diamond & artifact armor are key to beginners

    If you are new to neverwinter, you should bear in mind that neverwinter astral diamond and armor, especially artifact armor, are two of the most important things in this game. So,

    On one hand, Refine green or higher armor into artifact weapon or artifact armor. Artifact armor or artifact sets, such as typical Artifact Necklace, Artifact Belt, and an Artifact slot, can boost your character more than the higher level armors.

    On the other hand, if you need, you can transfer Neverwinter Astral Diamond to another character in one account through Astral Diamond Exchange. First, you can convert Astral Diamond Neverwinter to Zen, and then switch characters to withdraw the Zen. Or, you can convert AD to Zen to make an amount of conversion rate and cancel the transaction to withdraw the AD directly.

    VIP Ranks, 2X RP, Astral Diamonds, and Armor for Level 70s

    At level 70, you will find that the game is an armor grind. And you will be able to gain tons of help by completing campaigns and earning the boon rewards from the quest lines, like Elemental evil.

    More importantly, the item level would depend on whether you can join in a group, although the minimum item level requirement to get into dungeon is low. So you had better reach a higher item level.

    Besides, if you have the bag space available, hold on to your refining items to get double Refining Points in monthly 2X event.

    Last, unlock “VIP Ranks” ASAP with Zen or cash. It will give you more benefits, like a daily enchanted key, scrolls of identification, a 2,000 HP buff, and enough Astral Diamonds. Before that, you need to buy cheap Neverwinter Astral Diamond first, and then convert it into Zen.

    In addition, although the game will reward tons of different currencies and fortunes in level 70 or above, they are not useful for you. So don’t get overwhelmed with them. But every time you fill the experience bar, you will get an Experience Reward, which will have a chance to give you another power point. The power point can get your constantly used powers/encounters/daily been Rank 4 version.

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