Guide for Pokemon Go Save Battery and pokemon go accounts for sale

Guide for Pokemon Go Save Battery and pokemon go accounts for sale

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  1. Pokemon Go is fun, but it can be a major cause of battery drain of your smartphone. Niantic is already aware of this problem and has promised that the next versions of the game will no longer be as power hungry. It remains unknown when the update will come out. Therefore, you should now check out a few settings that can increase your battery life significantly. Below are a few tips on how to save battery when you play Pokemon Go.

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    Download Offline Maps from Google Maps

    One currently controversial tip, with which you can supposedly save a lot of electricity and traffic, are offline maps for Pokemon Go. The background is as follows. For the navigation and map, Pokemon Go uses the Maps API from Google Maps. As you pursue after your Pokemon behind, will update your map in the background again, what neat gobbles battery power and data volume. Invite you keep on the cards already in your home free, when your device is accessing via your router to the Internet, eliminating the constant reloading of the card material.

    Turn on Pokemon Go’s Battery Saver Mode

    These can be found in the settings (press Pokeball -> upper right “Settings”) under “battery saver”. Sets a check mark and even the power saving function is turned on. The option causes that your display is dimmed, if you your appliance tilts down. This is usually the case when you hunt on the Pokemon some distance to travel must and unless staring at the screen. That you have not at all, because if you come closer to this Pokemon, you will point out my vibrator.

    Disable Sound in Pokemon Go

    While it is not much, what you can get out with it, but known little helps, too crap. If you want to do without it, you can tone down the settings or completely hide the sound effects and background music of Pokemon Go. Promise you but not too much of this action.

    Activate power-saving mode of your device

    Not only Pokemon Go has a power saving function, but also your device. This option can be found normally in the device settings under the setting of “performance”, “energy” or “power saving mode”. Here you have to but note what affect your settings. Most devices throttle the display brightness and reduce the clock speed of the CPU / GPU. Depending on the power plan, it can also happen that while the GPS is disabled. In a pinch, you have the GPS manually activate again or adjust the power saving mode.

    Turn Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off

    The wireless function is due to the constant search for available connections a well-known battery eater and is disabled by many users simply because of the security when the device is disconnected from the home network. Is that with you not, you can get out with the most in terms of battery life with the deactivation of the WLAN. The same applies for the Bluetooth function if you are not the proud owner of Pokemon GOES Plus bracelet.

    Disable Running Applications in the Background

    Apps that do not explicitly terminated remain loaded in memory and run in the background happy, ask store data from dazzle advertising a, synchronize data, or simply frittered only electricity. Consequently, you should exit all apps that you do not necessarily need. With Android, you can easily throw on the application manager these apps. In addition, you can in the settings under “Account” disable “Automatically sync data” option. In iOS, you can find under Settings -> General “Disable background refresh” option.

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