Guide to Beat Destroyer Bots in the Arena PVP of Blade & Soul gold 10% discount sale

Guide to Beat Destroyer Bots in the Arena PVP of Blade & Soul gold 10% discount sale

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  1. It has been about two months since Blade and Soul was live in Europe and America. However, when players are moving to level cap and engaging in arena pvp, something annoying just occurs- bots have appeared everywhere in the game to take away the fun of pvp and there has not been any response from Ncsoft. Well, while waiting for a fix, check the following tips that might help you to beat those annoying bots.

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    Bots are rampant in Blade & Soul

    Recently, the most common concern with regard to BnS is botting. While an issue with any popular MMO, botting has been infiltrated into every position on EU and NA servers of Blade & Soul, from the first moments in the game through end-game arena PvP. Among all, the most mentioned bots are Destroyer Bots, which have a combo that can take 50%-100% HP away with ani cancel. With this ability, they can easily spin and kill everything, or some even climb silver-gold from beating other bots.
    Though it is not a big challenge to beat those bots in Blade & Soul, it’s annoying that they would follow you round and autoattack you even when you stealth as an assassin. Just imagine if 9/10 of you matches are against bots, the fun of pvp will be totally taken away. However there hasn’t been any response from NCsoft that how they will be dealing with this issue. Given the fact that bots are still rampant in the Korean version of BnS (which has been out for 3 years), it remains to be seen whether or not any action will be taken in EU/NA version. Thus, the best solution might be to learn some tips to beat them by your own.
    Tips to kill the destroyer bots in pvp

    Well, it is impossible to avoid encountering the destroyer bots, but you can easily beat them if you follow this advice:
    1. For Assassin: Never try for your regular long web combo, they will turn and not let you restealth. Just do a piledriving air combo.They will always use escapes when available, so just CC them then get away initially until they’re all used up. They will autopath towards you in stealth. This may seem like a bad thing but you can just drop red bombs all day and they will walk right over them.
    2. For Sin: If you face a hard bot, especially as a sin, Just sit in stealth until its spins out of focus. Then do what you want to it. You will win every time, the destroyer bot will never stop spamming all his moves. If your playing passively by the time it grabs you or catches you every single move is on cooldown. So it doesn’t even attack you it just looks at you.
    3. For not an Assassin: Throw 5stacks poison and auto attack combo them when they have no more cc, yep is a completely vulnerable damage exchange.Some destroyers don’t react instantly, so some of them must suffer with ping.

    If you also met the same situation, just try the above tips. Hope that they will help you to beat destroyer bots in Blade & Soul more easily. Safewow, as a reliable bns gold seller, will still provide customers with cheap bns gold, as well as related topics and latest news.

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