Guide to Fight Twin Fire Scorpions for Neverwinter PS4 astral diamonds Adventurer

Guide to Fight Twin Fire Scorpions for Neverwinter PS4 astral diamonds Adventurer

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  1. In the epic Lair of Lostmauth Dungeon, in order to fight your way through the Cult of the Dragon army inside the temple and stop Severin and Lostmauth, one of bosses you have to challenge is Twin Fire Scorpions. Well, here is a neverwinter ps4 guide based on the bugged versions to fight the Twin Fire Scorpions.

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    Guide to access Twin Fire Scorpions in Neverwinter PS4 dungeon: Lair of Lostmauth

    There aren’t any bugged mechanics other than some falling rocks that don’t show red damage warnings on the floor, of which you might not even be aware for this part. But every once and awhile someone will get hit by one.

    Also, there are three possible routes that you can take. Each one has a different jumping/dodging section where you have to dodge fireballs and jump over lava. Make the jumps and continue forward. Then you’ll be fighting your way to the scorpions.

    Guide for 4 different moves of Scorpions in Lair of Lostmauth

    Scorpions have 4 different moves as below:
    1. The first one is the basic melee attack. Scorpions attack fast and there’s hardly any warning. So be careful.
    2. The second is a cone type AOE attack from their fronts, which they will do when you walk into the fight.
    3. The third is a lava pool on the floor which they shoot from their tail. It lingers for about 10-15 seconds or so, and does a lot of damage you’ve to avoid.
    4. The last move is also from the tail, but is more of an air strike type attack. Red damage circles will one-by-one appear on the ground and fire balls will fall about a second later. This move is what kills adventurers the most, so look at your feet to make sure you’re not stuck.

    Survive all of that, plus some trash level 30 mobs right after the scorpions, and then you’re off to Lostmauth. Learn how to fight Lostmauth in the epic Dungeon right now.

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