Guide to Make the Best of Dungeon Key Changes for astral diamonds neverwinter

Guide to Make the Best of Dungeon Key Changes for astral diamonds neverwinter

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  1. Neverwinter Dungeon Key Changes have put into use for a long time, and now players have to live with the system. To adjust to these changes, you had better make use of all your keys on dungeons, take advantage of 2x events and more.

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    1. Use up all your keys to do dungeons

    As we report before, the drop rates of the rare items have been improved and some account-bound items are also added in Neverwinter. That means, it is the best time to run dungeons as long as you have keys. That couldn’t be better if you have piled up on Epic Dungeon Chest. If you don’t, please never put campaign ones on the shelves anymore.

    2. Do the content for Keys

    It is wise to run dungeons with keys. If you use up all your leftover keys, you can do the content that you have the corresponding keys for. If you only have the Daily Chest Keys, Temple of the Spider still is the best option for you.

    If you run out of keys, you can turn to the content that offers free chests, which can be found from all Skirmishes and Trails. You are suggested to do Shores of Tuern, which is easy to complete and offers Seals, guaranteed Salvage and daily Astral Diamonds for the first two runs.

    3. Legendary Dragon Keys are only viable for progression

    Legendary Dragon Keys are now only feasible for progression. So if you want to go ahead speedily, please only use them. Though no one knows the specific drop rate from the new system, make sure to get a sufficient amount of runs in with free keys in any case to get loot of fast and safe neverwinter astral diamond.

    4. Neverwinter Double Events

    Every weekend, Neverwinter has some special offers for players, including campaihn currency for sale and 2x events, which are all important to forge keys. As you are not limited bu dailies, you need to spend more time revisiting campaigns than you used to.

    We hope this guide is helpful for you to make the best of neverwinter dungeon key changes!

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