Guides for Treasure Trails to Get Blood Dyes and Gain rs gp

Guides for Treasure Trails to Get Blood Dyes and Gain rs gp

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  1. From RuneLabs to RuneScape comes the addition of blood dyes to Treasure Trails. Blood dyes are type of cosmetic dye that can be used to color things in a deeply impressive crimson. As a reward that you can get from elite treasure trails, it can be applied to the same equipment as other dyes attainable from Treasure Trail. If you want to get Blood dyes in game, you should gather cheap runescape gold on RSorder to help you. RSorder has cheap Runescape gold for sale.

    Why you should have blood dyes

    Just like all other dyes from Treasure Trails, Runescape players can use it to dye tier 90 weapons and power amour. All kits in the game that are able to be dyed at the moment will also able to be dyes with blood dyes, including Malevolent, Sirenic and Tectonic kits. Presently, it is not possible to dye tier 90 tank amour. It renders the amour repairable by using the raw materials to replenish charges when added to amour. Sounds great? Hurry up to buy RS gold cheap on RSorder help you get one!

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    Simple guides for Treasure Trails

    There are no level requirements to start this activity, but you should carry the Clue scroll with you. It is recommend to do this with 60-70 Agility, 64 Magic and 43 Prayer. You preparation may vary due to different clues, but you should make sure arm your best weapons and gears and of course, enough RS gold is badly needed. RSorder always has plenty of RS gold for sale. Here is the simple steps for this activity:

    Speak To Clues
    Anagrams Clues
    Challenge Clues
    Normal Treasure Trail Clues
    Map Clues
    Coordinate Clues
    Clue Droppers
    Trail Levels and Rewards
    It is worth to point out that treasure trails are for RS Members only, however, you will get rare and unique pieces of equipment or other items by doing treasure trails.

    Blood dyes are a really prestigious reward, so players should get stick in with treasure trails to see if they can get them. Blood dyes are tradeable item up until you use them, where they become untradeable. If you want to get blood dye, you can complete the treasure trails to get one, also you buy RS gold cheap on RSorder to get one easily. 50% off sale will be available soon, make sure to size the opportunity and buy cheapest RS gold on RSorder.

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