Guides to Achieve 99 Ranged as F2P with cheapest rs gold on RSorder

Guides to Achieve 99 Ranged as F2P with cheapest rs gold on RSorder

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  1. Are you still tiring hard to find the best methods possible on the Free To Play servers to level up you range as fast as possible. Yes, Range is very hard to achieve on the F2P servers, so it is very necessary for you to gather enough rsgold if possible. Here are our fastest way to get 99 range in free to play in the magical game of Runescape.

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    Level 1 to 20 Ranged:

    At the beginning, you can head to the Lumbridge Cowfield and choose cows as your target, chicken also is a great alternative. You can achieve level 15 easily, but you will be bored at this level. The cowhides sells 100gp each and the bones also provide a decent prayer xp.

    Level 21 – 40 Ranged:

    You can fight chaos druids at 20 level. You can get a wide range of good herbs , up to torstol which worth a decent money. Alternatively, you can fight dwarves, however, they only work fine until level 30 and they do not drop as much of profitable items as Chaos Druids.

    Level 41-50 Ranged: 

    Head to southwest of Varrock and train on hill giants in the Edgeville Dungeon. You can easily get limpwurt roots here and you can enhance your prayer or make money with their bones as well . Also you can choose to train on white knights until level 50.

    Level 51-60 Ranged: 

    Go to the southeast of Castle Wars and train on Ogres. They drop big bones every time and also drop good seeds regularly. Make sure to avoid melee distance to prevent damage.

    Level 61-70 Ranged:

    At this level, you can train on green dragons in the Wilderness location. You can gain a lot RS gold here. You can train on blue dragons at level 65+ and they drop more than green dragons. Note that they are over level 100, so watch out carefully. You can also train on werewolves instead.

    Level 71-80 Ranged: 

    There are many options for you at this level. You can kill metal dragons for a visage. Aviansies is a great option for you. In order to avoid other monsters’ attacking, you might want to bring a piece of Armadyl equipment. Fire giants also work pretty well. 

    Level 81-99 Ranged: 

    Now, you have many options to choose from. You can continue with Aviansies and make tons of RS gold, also you can battle with the other monsters. Red chinchompas are likely the best experience, but cost amazingly high.

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