HBO On Demand

HBO On Demand

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  1. The selection of HBO premium channels offer newly released movies and original shows like "True Blood" and "Girls." Instead of filling your DVR with content, the HBO On Demand service has unlimited access to dozens of episodes and movies. The On Demand package is an add-on and costs additional fees along with the regular service.

    HBO on Demand Carriers

    HBO on Demand is offered through your cable or satellite service company. Currently companies like Time Warner Cable, Comcast, AT&T and DirecTV offer the HBO on Demand package. Prices range from each carrier, but they can be anywhere from $2.00 to $10.00 extra a month for the HBO on Demand Feature.

    Use the HBO website to search for your carrier and whether they feature the service. Even if they do have the service you may need an upgraded cable box or HD DVR to access the content. This varies on your current setup.

    How to Use HBO on Demand

    Access the "On Demand" menu from your local cable provider. Select the "HBO on Demand" sub-menu using your remote. The menu is split up between "Series" and "Movies." Select the category you want or you can browse by genre like "Comedy," "Family" or "Drama."

    When you select a specific show, a small thumbnail and description will appear. Use the "Play Movie" or "Watch" button to load the content. Within a few moments the media will play on the television screen.

    HBO on Demand Content

    Shows and movies featured on HBO on Demand rotate on a monthly basis. This means that you find an assortment of classic shows like “Sex and the City” and “Six Feet Under” along with current shows like “Girls.”

    The selection of movies available in the HBO on Demand menu matches the schedule of movies that air on the various HBO channels. If you are looking for new episodes of HBO shows, the menu is updated every Monday. That means if a new episodes airs on Thursday, you cannot access the “on Demand” version of it until the following Monday.

    The official website hosts a complete schedule so you can view and plan shows or movies that you want to view. The schedule covers four weeks of programming and is separated into “Series,” “Movies,” “Specials,” “Sports,” “Kids” and “Documentaries.”

    Instead of checking the website, you can sign up for the newsletter that updates viewers with the latest series and movie additions. The newsletter is usually sent weekly with the changes.

    HBO on Demand vs. HBO Go

    Users may get the HBO on Demand feature confused with the new HBO Go service. HBO On Demand is only available through cable or satellite television boxes. The HBO Go service gives you access to HBO shows through devices like computers, tablets and cell phones. The HBO Go service is free for HBO subscribers.

    If you own a Samsung Smart TV, Roku player or Xbox 360, you are probably better off using the HBO Go Service instead of the HBO on Demand service because it is a free app that can be installed on those devices. This allows you to watch HBO Go on your television without the additional costs of HBO on Demand.

    HBO on Demand is worth it if you enjoy HBO programming and do not want to worry about rotating schedules or setting your DVR. If you’re already paying for HBO, there’s no reason not to add the on Demand option so you can get the most from the programming.

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