Hair Plugs

Hair Plugs

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  1. Since the beginning of time, humans have been burdened by the issue of hair loss. Now that technology has advanced, there is a way to combat this hair loss problem with something called hair plugs. Hair plugs are pieces of hair that are installed on your scalp using a method called a hair transplant. The plugs are installed in areas of the head where natural hair growth has failed to continue. They can be used in large areas if a large amount of hair is missing, or used to cover up a small amount of hair loss. The plugs result in hair restoration and depending on the amount needed, hair plugs cost can vary. Hair plugs from women and men is a growing trend.

    You may want hair plugs if you are uncomfortable with the hair loss that has occurred on your head. They are also used for create a full head of hair and give you a new look. This hair loss method is one of the most effective forms of hair restoration. Unlike other methods, like toupees, these are permanent and have a natural look. The plugs look like little individual hair follicles that are implanted in different areas. You may want to have a hair transplant because you won’t have to worry about losing your hair in public and the hairs can be washed and styled much like your natural growing hair.

    Men are more likely to get hair plugs because of the ongoing hair loss that tends to occur for them. However, hair plugs for women are also very effective in hair loss and female balding patterns. Women may suffer from thinning of the hair and the plugs can help to eliminate the thinning by being installed in different areas of the scalp. These plugs contain longer hair stands than male plugs and can be cut the desired length after installation.

    Hair plugs cost will vary greatly and depends on certain factors such as; the amount of hair being installed, the number of installments required and the length of the hair. The less hair that is required, the quicker the hair can be installed thus resulting in a lower price. Someone who needs a large amount of hair installed may have to come for several installments, which can be more costly. The plugs generally cost between 3-7 dollars and you will have anywhere from 500-4000 plugs installed on the scalp.

    In order to get hair plugs installed, you must first visit your doctor for a full evaluation. The plugs are installed by inserting them into the scalp and the method is considered to be a surgery, often requiring anesthesia. Before going into surgery, the doctor can give you a full idea of what will occur during the process. He will assess your hair loss and tell you how much hair will be installed, how many installments you will be required to get and the total cost of the hair plugs. Other than paying for the plugs, you will be required to pay the cost of the surgery and the doctor will often estimate this cost into your final price.

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