Happy news for Final Fantasy XV is coming Nov.29 with ffxv gil for sale

Happy news for Final Fantasy XV is coming Nov.29 with ffxv gil for sale

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  1. I think my journey has been obvious lol. I fell in love in 2013, because it was the first time that I was excited for not just a final fantasy, but a video game in a long time. Everything was perfect. From Nomura directing it, to the gameplay being just like my favorite series of all time. I HAD to get it!

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    Then, things started to change. Nomura left the project and Tabata, someone I didn’t know, took over and after that, the combat system and my favorite ff heroine since Tifa had been scrapped. I was angry. Things like auto attack, auto dodge, and auto weapon changing were announced immediately after taking my favorite director off of the project for some nameless dude to me at the time, and I did not like it.
    Then, came episode Duscae and type-0. Duscae was okay, but the 3 things i mentioned earlier were hindering gameplay and I hoped with all my heart that they would listen to feedback and change it for the better. I used type-0 to determine whether or not I had faith in Tabata’s direction, but unfortunately, type-0 left some really bad first impressions on me. I had turned sour at the idea that he had replaced a proven genius and was botching a guaranteed classic.

    Then he announced that manual weapon switching would be implemented, and armiger would get its own gauge, and I raised an eyebrow in curiosity. That was about the time I joined these forums in hopes of getting my voice heard to remove the only other thing truly bothering me, auto dodge. I made post after party explaining why I hate it, why it removed skill from the game and why it was an unbalanced mechanic. I received a lot of flack because many forumites are not like me, and didn’t hold combat in as high a regard as other aspects of the game. I started to give up hope, then, BAM! Niflheim base footage dropped. Warp. Stealth. KILLS!! Between that, the music, and seeing Noctis finally kick some ass in the air settled it. Auto dodge was still in the game, but I was finally excited for ffxv.

    But then, PD dropped and it was such a horrible marketing decision at the time. We hadn’t played any ffxv since the closed demo of Duscae, and this one was available TO THE WORLD, and combat wasn’t the focus. It was obscure what they were trying to accomplish, and I couldn’t disagree with the way it was executed more. On top of that, combat felt clunky and unresponsive. I was worried again.

    I spent more time with PD, and learned some of the more advanced techniques in combat, and also how much the auto-dodge had been nerfed since ED, and my hopes skyrocketed again. I played that shit EVERY DAY until I felt that I had mastered combat and now, I can’t wait to show up all these demonstrators when I finally play the game.

    I’ve more or less been content since then, just wanted the game and information more than anything. Marketing started off garbage, but had picked up tremendously since the delay. I don’t know how the story will turn out, but I’m hoping for the best. I believe in ffxv and hope the best for the team.

    P.S. I’ve grown to like Tabata a lot as a person over the course of this journey, but I’m still waiting on him to wow me as a director. This is his chance!

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