Happy time for Celebrating SWTOR5 with swtor credits free giveaway

Happy time for Celebrating SWTOR5 with swtor credits free giveaway

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  1. Help us celebrate five years of Star Wars?: The Old Republic?! As a thank you to our players, we’ve added some exciting new rewards that you can now claim in-game. Get your celebratory items by Monday, January 16, 2017 to help us make this a year to remember!

    Merry chrismas!Swtor2credits offer Total 1900M swtor credits free giveaway as your best gift!

    First round: at 03:00 AM on Dec 13, 2016 GMT

    Second round: at 03:00 AM on Dec 22, 2016 GMT

    The free link:http://www.swtor2credits.com/super-promo

    Simply use the “Emergency Fleet Pass” ability located in your ability bar to get the Republic or Imperial Fleet. Then, visit the “Strongholds and Crew Skills” area of the Fleet to get your rewards:

    Visit the “Anniversary Personnel” vendor to claim new in-game rewards including the Celebration Jawa, a Senya-inspired Holotrainer and a breathtaking 7-piece poster art collection of the game’s major releases to show off in your Stronghold!
    Then, for a limited-time, move into Coruscant and Dromund Kaas Strongholds for only FIVE CREDITS (normally 5,000 credits) by visiting the “Strongholds Terminal.”

    Finally, as a special thank you to those players who have been continuous Subscribers since launch, we want to show our appreciation with an exclusive Galactic Alliance Statue decoration that you can proudly display in your Strongholds! Visit your in-game mailbox to claim your Statue.
    SWTOR Changes to Galactic Command Coming in 5.1
    With this in mind, the team has some important changes planned for Game Update 5.1 coming next month to address the above concerns! We are finalizing those changes now and will walk you through our plans during this Thursday’s Livestream, 12/15 so be sure to tune in. If you can’t make the stream we will be posting a recap on the forums. I just wanted to let you know that along with the changes we have already made in 5.0a and 5.0.1, your voices are being heard. We look forward to talking with all of you about the upcoming changes.

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