Health Benefits of Chamomile

Health Benefits of Chamomile

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  1. Chamomile is a plant that grows in various parts of the world. It is a leafy green herb with white flowers that have a yellow center. Herbs, teas and essential oils are made from the flowers. The flowers are processed by steam distillation to extract the essential oils. Chamomile is rich in essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron.  It is used as a holistic treatment for many conditions. There are many health benefits of chamomile.

    Chamomile can be used topically to treat many conditions of the largest organ in the body, the skin.  Acne, rashes and ulceration may benefit from chamomile use. It can relieve the discomfort of burns bites, stings and even allergies. It has also been reported that chamomile can accelerate the healing process of a tattoo.

    A nice hot cup of chamomile tea can be very relaxing. This is because chamomile can have a sedative effect. It relaxes the nervous system in the body. This sedative effect makes chamomile good for eases anxiety, tension and nervousness. It is also good for the insomniac because it can help a person fall asleep faster.

    The anti-inflammatory effects of chamomile are useful for people with asthma, arthritis, and eczema. Relieving inflammation helps the digestive and respiratory systems.  Chamomile soothes the digestive system, and helps to relieve chronic digestive disorders like colitis, IBS and gas. Inhaling steam from chamomile can help people with chronic sinusitis, allergies or even the common cold.

    The health benefits of chamomile include relaxing the muscles. It can relax the muscles and help stop or prevent muscle spasms.  Chamomile may also help prevent or alleviate menstrual cramps.

    The health benefits of chamomile make it a good herb to have around the house. It is not a substitute for medical attention. It can however be a good natural healing tool. Have a cup of chamomile tea and relax.

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