Health Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Health Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

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  1. Hot Stone Massage is a procedure where heated stones are placed on meridians of the body (sites of the body where several nerve endings meet; which can stimulate the individual system each nerve is connected to).

    Stiff muscles and joints that are tight and tense benefit the most from hot stone massage.

     Hot stone massage works as a circulation stimulant causing the muscles to release upon contact, which prepares the muscles for a deeper pressure massage. 

    And, deep tissue massages generally have more of a medical benefit, than lighter pressure techniques.

    Hot Stone Massage:                                           

    ·         Promotes deep muscle relaxation

    ·         Reduces overall body stress

    ·         Increases circulation

    ·         Warms the body

    ·         Releases toxins thru sweat

    ·         Relives pain from stiff and achy muscles

    ·         Calms the mind

    As the heated stones penetrate the skin, they allow blood vessels to open and more circulation to enter the immediate area.

    Poor circulation causes muscles to become tensed and fatigue, and causes a build-up of stagnant fluid and lactic acid; which can become toxic to our bodies.  

    However, proper blood circulation allows the body to transport oxygen and nutrients (to the entire body), improves flexibility, and releases muscle spasms and overall body tension.  

    Health Conditions Treated with Hot Stone Massage:

    ·         Back Pain            

    ·         Fibromyalgia

    ·         Insomnia

    ·         MS

    ·         Muscle aches and pains

    ·         Depression

    ·         Arthritis

    ·         Stress and Anxiety

    ·         Circulation problems

    So make your next massage a hot stone massage and discover the benefits yourself.

    To sample a hot stone massage at no cost contact; and take advantage of the limited time special for a Free Hot Stone Integrated Massage with the purchase of a regular price massage.

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