​Hints for Novice Motorcycle Riders

​Hints for Novice Motorcycle Riders

  1. Motorcycle riding is a great activity and so enjoyable that more and more people are getting into it. Whether the driver or the passenger, many enjoyable hours can be spent on a motorcycle touring the highways and byways of this wonderful world.

    Novice riders need to learn about a lot of things before taking to the open road to enjoy the scenery.  Here are a few things to think about before venturing out on a pleasure ride:

    1.       Make sure your vehicle is in good working order.  Seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at the number of folks who do not keep their rides in tip-top shape.  Oil changes are extremely vital for the engine’s good health, and a lot of people don’t check that function often enough.

    2.       Be sure you have stocked your bike with emergency equipment for one of those just-in-case events that no one ever wants to experience. A good first-aid kit and emergency kit should be in your saddlebag.

    3.       Wear protective clothing when riding. Leather is the best material for a biker’s jacket and chaps because it is resilient, long-wearing, easy to care for, and looks great on a bike.

    4.       A helmet is essential for a bike ride. Be sure you choose a helmet that is approved by the Department of Transportation. The designation DOT should be on your helmet. If your helmet is ever damaged it should be replaced.

    5.       Good footwear is also essential. Biker boots are usually made of leather, and there are many, many styles available. A boot with a good heel makes it easier to control the pedals.

    6.       A pair of gloves is an important safety consideration.  Be sure you can adequately operate the levers while wearing the gloves. A style that can tuck inside your jacket sleeve creates a smooth air flow over your arms and prevents air from ballooning the gloves or jacket.

    7.       A course in safety might be in order for the novice because knowing how to fall when necessary can be a life saver.

    8.       Another consideration should be hydration – when on a long ride you should have water available. There are many styles of cup holders available. Alcoholic beverages are NOT recommended.

    9.       Having contact information on the bike or on your person is highly recommended should something unplanned-for occur.


    Common sense actions create enjoyable experiences. That is certainly true for motorcycle enthusiasts. Enjoy the ride!




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