Home Remedies for Flatulence

Home Remedies for Flatulence

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  1. Cushion creeper, barking spider, pocket frog, toot, stinker, and fluff are all humorous terms for a not so humorous situation. Humans create an average of one to three pints of gas each day, resulting in approximately 14 farts per day. Even Hippocrates himself was said to declare passing gas as necessary to well-being. Regardless of how natural, flatulence is embarrassing. Let’s take a look at what causes flatulence and home remedies to help cope.


    What causes flatulence?

    Flatulence, more commonly known as the fart, is caused by excessive intestinal gas which can also result in bloating and burping. The two most common causes are as follows:

    1. The breakdown of undigested food usually with a high fiber content such as broccoli, cabbage, baked beans, and fleshy fruit. Some individuals have trouble breaking down certain sugars, like those found in the lactose of dairy products, which can also cause gas.
    2. Excessive air swallowed during activities including chewing gum, drinking carbonated beverages, the use of tobacco products and ill-fitted dentures can cause air build-up in the intestine.


    Home remedies for flatulence:


    • Chewing slowly while consuming food is a very natural and effective way to prevent flatulence from developing.
    • Physical activity and regular exercise promotes a healthy digestive system and will, in turn, help to eliminate some of the unwanted gas expulsion.
    • For centuries, the Chinese have been mixing half a teaspoon of ginger powder with a cup of warm water. Ginger powder can be found with the spices in your local grocery store.
    • Peppermint is an effective way to provide relief. Chew on peppermint leaves or sip on peppermint tea to lessen the embarrassing effects of flatulence.
    • Eat more fennels. Fennel is a bulb-type plant that is usually dried and ground into a spice or brewed into a fennel tea. Adding this to your diet will help control flatulence.
    • Consuming two mustard seeds a day on an empty stomach with plenty of fresh water will help control daily flatulence.


    As always, consult your doctor before attempting home remedies to rule out any underlying causes of flatulence.

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