​How Badly Can The Pollution Affect Your Skin?

​How Badly Can The Pollution Affect Your Skin?

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  1. The buildup plays a critical part in causing blackhead formation and clogged pores. You are more likely to experience skin contamination if the area you work and live in is polluted. You will need to effectively clean the skin, in order to get rid of the dirt and dust.

    You require enough amount of water for cleansing purposes, as the accumulated dirt on both your facial skin and other body-skin parts may act as a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms. If by any chance the dirt combines with the oil on your skin, the situation may worsen.

    Often, dirty hands are the main cause of congested skin. You may find yourself rubbing your skin, without knowing, this may aggravate skin problems. If you really want to eliminate the blackheads, squeezing them is not the solution, as it will only cause more irritation and scarring on the tissues that surrounds it. Instead of resulting to squeezing them, it is advisable to deal with the cause first. This article has provided adequate insight on how to deal with blackheads that are caused by pollution.

    1. Develop a Proper Cleaning Regime

    The question on how to get rid of blackheads needs to be addressed carefully, while considering other factors such as a person’s skin type and sensitivity. Nevertheless, the aspect of cleaning the skin is equally important to all types of skin. The cleansing process assists you to get rid of any traces of pollution and dirt everyday. A mild soap is highly advisable, as harsh and dry cleansers only intensify the problem.

    Do not settle for products that have sodium lauryl sulfate, since it alters the skin’s pH level and increase the oil production too.

    2. Gentle Exfoliation

    In order to reduce on the congested and clogged pores, your skin’s top layer needs to be clear of all the dead skin cells. There are products, which prove effective when it comes to getting rid of the dead skin cells. Occasionally using a facial exfoliant or scrub will assist get rid of the dead skin cells, which tend to clog the pores. Once you have removed the dead skin cells, the moisturizer will be in a better position to work with the living skin cells.

    Another point to note is that a body scrub is meant for the body not the face, since it is too harsh for your facial skin.

    3. Light moisturizer

    As mentioned before, pollutants are constantly attacking your skin, which may lead to premature aging of the skin and drug moisture from your skin making it dull. For this reason, you need to apply a good moisturizer before sleeping in order to strengthen the skin and fight pollution off.

    For a moisturizer, it is important to know what to go for and what not to go for. In this case, avoid moisturizers that contain oils, waxes, petrochemicals and creams since they make it easy for skin congestion to occur, which further leads to blackheads. Waxes and creams are often used on dehydrated skin types or individuals who have a dry skin type.

    4. Salicylic acid and glycolic acid

    When these chemicals are in high concentration, they prove effective to congested skins. For the case of short term, they may result to serious skin problems, which can reverse the efforts you have put in trying to get rid of blackheads as they cause the skin to dry up. For those who use highly concentrated glycolic acid, end up experiencing redness and irritation whenever they get exposed to acidic substances like lime juice. If you intend to use such products, consider consulting a professional dermatologist.

    5. Dietary Habits and Lifestyle

    Consuming adequate amount of water helps clear our system off the toxins. You need to take at least two liters of water every day. Combine this with a regular exercising routine, which will permit smooth lymphatic flow. The combination of these two factors will highly contribute to low toxin levels. For a healthy skin, consider taking in a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, lean protein and nuts. This is mainly because they contain antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that promote radiant healthy skin.

    6. Mineral Makeup

    For individuals experiencing skin congestion, it is advisable to use mineral makeup. Instead of falling on pores or filling in, the pigment particles will only sit on the surface of your skin, allowing the skin to easily breathe. It also reduces congestion, thus allowing your skin’s pores to contract with ease


    While pollution happens to be a part of the modern city life that cannot be avoided, the solution is only to prevent the pollutants from causing further damage to your skin. This article has covered the different aspects you need to consider in order to keep your skin healthy, despite the pollution present in your environment.

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