How Do You Apply Fake Eyelashes?​​

How Do You Apply Fake Eyelashes?​​

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  1. People you meet and talk to stare straight right into your eyes so it is in your best interest to keep your eyes looking wide awake and bright all the time.  A great pair of eyelashes can help you do just that but, if you’re not blessed with long, curly lashes, there’s no reason to fret.

    An eyelash enhancer could just well become your best friend if you have approximately two weeks to apply this religiously.  If you need long lashes for tonight’s big event, however, an eyelash enhancers won’t be able to grow your eyelashes significantly by the time your date picks you up but fake eyelashes might just do the trick you seek.

    Fake eyelashes can give your eyes that flattering look, if and only if they don’t give away they’re fake in the first place.  So, how do you make fake eyelashes not look fake?

    Follow this simple five-step process to make the most out of your fake eyelashes.

    Step 1: Study your eyelash.  Stand in front of a magnifying mirror and study your eyelashes closely.  Are they long or short, straight or curled, thin or thick?  What color are they?  Now, make a decision as to what kind of enhancement you want for your eyelashes.  Do you want a longer pair or curlier lashes?  Or, do you simply want them to look thicker and more noticeable?  Once you have decided on the kind of enhancement you want for your eyelashes, picture yourself with your enhanced lashes in your head.  Make sure to remember it.

    Step 2:  Choose the fake eyelashes that suits you.  Fake eyelashes come in many different forms, lengths, shapes, colors, and sizes.  Choose your fake eyelashes, carefully considering these factors to improve your chances of getting those natural looking eyelashes that do not seem fake at all.

    If you feel that your fake eyelashes are too long, make sure to meticulously cut each set of strands at your desired length.  Take note that there is a higher tendency for fake eyelashes to fall off if a longer length of it is not glued on to your natural eyelashes.  The closer your fake eyelashes are to your natural eyelashes, the more natural looking they get.

    Step 3:  Get a tube of eyelash glue.  Don’t use just any adhesive!  Get yourself a lash glue if you wish to use fake eyelashes.  The proper way to apply lash glue on your fake eyelashes is not to squeeze out the glue directly on the fake eyelashes nor on your natural lashes.  Rather, run a thin line of lash glue at the back of one hand.  Then, take your fake eyelashes and run the top of it over the lash glue on your hand.  Dry it for a few seconds before placing the fake eyelashes on your eyelash.  Do the same for the other side.  Keep your eyes closed while letting the lash glue dry out.

    Step 4:  Hide gaps between your natural eyelashes and fake eyelashes.  A line separating your natural eyelashes from your fake eyelashes will be visible.  Make sure to cover up this line using a liquid eyeliner.  Define your eyelids carefully without the need to put on too much make up and keep your make up more natural-looking.  Make sure that your liquid eyeliner is of the same shade and color as your natural and fake eyelashes. 

    Step 5: Apply mascara over both natural and fake eyelashes.  Doing so helps blend your natural and fake eyelashes with each other thus, making your fake eyelashes appear natural.  If less makeup is desired, try putting on an eyelash primer first.  You might want to drop the eyelash volumizer too and,  use a thick eyebrow pencil instead for that polished look.

    Run the eyebrow pencil on top of your fake eyelashes, putting on just enough color to blend in your fake eyelashes with your natural eyelashes.  Make sure to apply the eyebrow pencil evenly.  Use light, thin strokes until you cover the full length of your eyelashes.  Starting from the base of your eyelashes, move the eyebrow pencil sideways, from left to right, gradually moving to the tip of your eyelashes and keeping with a side-to-side application technique.

    If there’s one thing you should make sure to put in your purse before leaving for your night out, you’d want that only thing to be your lash tube.  Make sure to have your lash tube on hand just in case your lashes fall off, most especially if it is your first time to wear them or, if you’re using a lash glue you haven’t yet tried out.

    When it’s time to take off your fake eyelashes, use only a makeup remover to get them out and to make sure not to pull out your natural eyelashes with them.

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