How To Become A Professional Psychic Medium

How To Become A Professional Psychic Medium

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  1. All roads lead to the same path, but there is NO path to mediumship. And there is NO path to becoming a professional medium. There are NO special classes to take to teach you how to be a medium. You either have the natural ability or abilities to being a medium or you don’t.

    To be a professional medium, it takes several years of hard, focused and dedicated studying (I’m NOT talking about classes either). It can also happen spontaneously after having a spiritual experience such as a spiritual awakening.

    There are plenty of paths in the forest and there is no right nor wrong ways to take that path. The only right way is your way. Because we are all individuals, we all have individual ( and different) paths.

    Simple, right? No, not exactly. Here are a few helpful steps you can follow to assist you in achieving your goal of natural abilities to see, hear and sense spirits. Remember, to learn mediumship is like learning a new language.

    1. Learn About Mediumship

    Learn about the practice of mediumship to fully enhance your abilities to connect to the spirit realm. Learn about the history of mediumship, learn from other mediums experiences, and, most importantly, learn how it is done.

    2. Learn About Your Intuitive Abilites

    Identify your spiritual strengths. These strengths are your intuitive abilities. Believe it or not, we all have them whether we are aware of them or not.

    3. Make An Appointment With A Medium

    By making an appointment with a medium, this will help you learn how it is done. If you decide to turn your mediumship into a profession, you will want to observe how it is done. If, when you visit a medium, there is no special focus or attention on your abilities, it does not mean you do or do not have them. Do not be discouraged. Just book another appointment and ask that the medium specifically identifies your gifts and to help you develop them. The medium will work with Spirit to do that . If the medium does not help you then you will need to find a medium who will.

    4. See What Type Of Mediumship Is Appealing To You

    Obviously you can’t just decide what type of medium you will be. It’s like saying, ” I think I will be a clairvoyant”. No, that’s not how it works. If you have a medium gift it will come to you. To help you, meditate on it. Besides, there many other type of medium gifts that some mediums have including Angelic Mediumship and Physical Mediumship. Learn about these types and figure out which one applies to you. 

    5.Decide Which Tool or Tools To Use To Connect With Spirit For You And Others

    There are different tools to use to help with spiritual communication. Tarot cards are the most popular form of tool to use. Other tools include Reiki, Oracle cards, Shamanism, Energy Healing, Live Reading’s and Channeling. As a previous blog entry of mine stated: ” A true medium uses tools. A medium who does not use tools is a fake.”

    6. Learn How To Give Reading’s

    To get the clearest and most easiest understanding messages for either you or a client, you MUST FIRST practice on how to deliver that message. Practicing on either yourself, a friend or a family member is a start. You will then need to decide what works best for you on how to practice. You do not want to give a reading to someone and not have it be accurate. Practice before you give the real deal.

    7. Practice, Practice, Practice!

    You MUST be dedicated, caring and committed to an ever growing improvement as a medium. You just can’t turn off or turn on an “Open For Business” sign. It takes practice! Even after years of mediumship experience, you are still learning and practicing. After 26 years, I am still learning and practicing and yet, I am a professional. Practice meditation, practice connecting, practice grounding as part of meditation. You will find that even after years of practice, the better you will get and the more you can help others

    8. Earn Money

    Cha-ching! So, you want to take your mediumship and use it as a business and earn money. Great. But, it’s not as easy as it looks. Be aware that there is no income when earning money for your services. And what money you do make won’t be enough. Take it from me. I’ve been doing this for a long time.

    Many mediums charge a fee for their services. Why? Because mediums take all their time and energy into what they do. Most mediums offer healing’s, connections and, of course, comfort. They also offer tarot reading’s and other services. I do this myself. 

    Do not feel ashamed for charging a client. It’s something you have turned into a business and ,therefore, you should charge. Nothing in life is free, after all!

    Once you have started charging for your mediumship services, you are considered a professional. 

    Also, consider having a code of ethics. This lets people know what you expect of them and what they expect of you. What’s right and what isn’t, what’s appropriate and what isn’t and so on. I can’t tell you how many times I have been belittled and insulted by not just clients, but by other mediums as well. 

    That’s it!

    And now it’s time to make the world aware of your gifts and what you offer.


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