How To Keep A Younger Woman to myself

How To Keep A Younger Woman to myself

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  1. No one is surprised when the older man gets a young girlfriend. Often people think that the big age difference Dooms the relationship, but it is not quite so. There is a way to maintain a relationship with a younger woman and have a wonderful relationship. 
    Here’s how you should approach in this case:

    1. Behave like equal Years bear experience and you certainly have more wisdom than her. May supervise her when asked for your advice, but its not how much more subtly abusive so they know and how it is not on your level. This will make her feel humiliated and will affect seriously her feelings towards you. 

    2. Its Not stick in the eye you’re rich, a woman would feel wonderful to the man who can supply a certain lifestyle, but if you really love, your money is not the most important thing for her. You’ve probably achieved more and are financially well, but that’s no reason to make it permanent and to make her feel like some sort of sloor or concubine. Spoil her with subtlety, without bugging her then what you have done\/bought.

    3. Don’t hide your previous links\/marriages if you lived more, you’re more likely to have more experience in love plan. She may be young but not stupid. Be honest about your past or his ex-wife, to not put it in an awkward situation. 

    4. Do not limit her social life when you were 20, you’re not out of the clubs. In the 30s and 40s would probably prefer some quiet piano bar or poker night at home. Do not forget that she is young, lives are and if you don’t want to visit its restaurants, it better not to limit yourself. Jealousy is unnecessary, eventually it comes home to you. And yet try to be fit and sometimes in her party lifestyle. Allow me to introduce you to your friends and find out about some compromise in which and you will be in some way a part of its environment outside of your total home.

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