How To Keep Outdoor Rabbits Warm In The Winter

How To Keep Outdoor Rabbits Warm In The Winter

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  1. By putting forth a bit of effort a pet owner can keep outdoor rabbits warm in winter and reduce or eliminate a number of the negative aspects the cold weather can have on a rabbit’s general health. Rabbits that are exposed unnecessarily to the harsh climate can result in respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia that can be lethal, and a small amount of preparation by a pet owner can literally mean the difference between life and death for pet rabbits. While it may not be practical or possible to make outdoor rabbits toasty warm in extreme conditions, it is very achievable to ensure that your pet rabbits are provided with some measure of comfort.

    The most simple way to keep outdoor rabbits warm in winter is to move their rabbit hutch to an area that is not exposed to the wind. A garage or storage shed provides immediate relief, and by placing rabbits in an indoor location that is not exposed your rabbits will be considerably warmer. If this is not possible, it then becomes important to make certain that the rabbit hutch is covered fully on at least three sides and the top. This is most easily accomplished by covering the hutch with a blanket that is placed beneath a water-proof tarp, and then both being tied to the rabbit hutch to prevent blowing away in the wind.

    It is also imperative to take measures to make the inside of the rabbit hutch warmer to keep outdoor rabbits warm in the winter as well. A structure such as a rabbit house inside of the rabbit hutch helps immensely in allowing rabbits to hunker down and conserve body heat. Extra straw placed in the cage provides an extra measure of insulation, and straw should be changed frequently to remove that which has absorbed moisture or is damp to the touch. When possible, a small heat lamp that is rated for outdoor use that is pointed toward the rabbit hutch can raise the temperature inside of a covered rabbit hutch to that of a very comfortable climate.

    It is a good idea to apply basic common sense to keep outdoor rabbits warm in the winter – when the temperature outside approaches zero degrees be kind, and find a place inside for your pet rabbits to reside for a few days until conditions improve. This action not only will keep your rabbits warm, but will also reduce the cost of veterinarian bills considerably.

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