1. Whatever the method of birth to select in your interest is to prepare for birth.psychological and physical attitude, which consists mainly of curbing the techniques of breathing, and various techniques for relaxation (relaxation) will help you when the time comes to participate without panic in birth of Your child.

    Every pregnant woman is well by early to begin this preparation, because to be automated and occur at the right time, your reflexes have to be well reinforced through repeated recurrence in foregoing birth months.There are cases in which, for medical reasons in the pregnant woman is recommended to lie in the course of pregnancy and it is not possible to make exercises and to coach postures for the birth or to attend a course for pregnant,but even in this situation pregnant woman can exercise techniques for breathing and for relaxation, which can be made in horizontal position without any physical efforts.However, that few women devote particular attention to preparing for the birth, each future mother dream to born gently and without pain.

    Trouble is that most pregnant women think,that whether or not birth of the child they will proceed gently or not does not depend on them, and by external factors, and even a fortune. In practice, however, Beginner’s luck has very little in common with birth.

    Really, the factors which influence in one birth are many and we can better influence each one of them, but the leading factors, which have the largest influence the process of giving birth to happiness are entirely under our control and, if prepare adequately for birth, will likely have a “good luck” to born slightly.

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