How To Ship Large Items

How To Ship Large Items

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  1. Shipping large items across country or internationally can be quite a challenge if you haven’t done it before, so here are a few quick steps to shipping your large item.

    1. Know Your Measurements

    No matter what type of large item you are shipping, you’ll need to know the volume of your item, in cubic feet (cu. ft.) as well as the weight of your item.  The volume measurement is helps the shipping company know how much space that shipment will take up in their trucks and ships. This is important because the shipping company ships many boxes/containers/palates together, and they want to fit as many of those shipments possible in each trip, which speeds up your shipment.  The weight is important as well because both trucks and ships have weight limits that ensures the integrity of the trucks and ships as well as the safety of the drivers and crewman. 

    To find the volume of your shipment, you’ll need to measure the length (L), width (W) and height (H) of your large item.  Once you know these measurements, simply multiply them together (LxWxH) to get your shipping volume.  Remember to use the same units when measuring (don’t multiply inches and feet together!). 

    2. Report Your Measurements To Your Shipping Company

    UPakWeShip International Shipping  U-CUBENow that you have your volume and weight, report these to a trusted international shipping company or domestic shipping company, depending on where you want to ship to and they will provide you with the proper shipping equipment for your large item.  Shipping equipment can vary depending on the size and shape of your item, but most companies are equipped with a full spectrum of equipment so no matter the shape and size, you should be all set. 

    3. Choose Shipping Options (Save Yourself Some Money Here!)

    Door To Door ServiceGenerally, if you choose to drop off and pick-up your shipment at one of your shipping company’s shipping terminals you can save money because the company won’t have to arrange a truck to pick up your shipment.  If, however, it’s easier for you to have a door-to-door service, most shipping companies offer affordable rates for this type of service. Also, if your shipment is valuable remember to add insurance to your shipment.

    Thanks for reading and happy shipping!


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