How much effort the future of RuneScape the Arc with rs 2007 gold hot sale

How much effort the future of RuneScape the Arc with rs 2007 gold hot sale

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  1. I think the arc is great. Will I be using it in the long term, probably not, but is that ok? of course it is. It has decent afk experience (which isn’t really my thing) and beyond that it is a very nice place to explore with a lot of great aspects.

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    Let’s compare the arc to other kinds of content?

    Compared to a new agility course say the advanced gnome course when it was released. Oh well once you got to level 92 for the advanced barbarian course it was pointless so does that mean it wasn’t worth adding to the game?

    Quests. Do them once, get a reward (not always super game changing) and that’s it. Arc region has a few unlocks, pets, titles, and even the hunter outfit and a weapon if the first two don’t appeal to you. Seeing as it has 11 mini quests tied to it, it is practically recipe for disaster all over again which is great.

    Nemi forest in mazcab. A small little daily, that rewards you with some experience, reputation, and the chance at a pet. Yes its not nearly as large as the arc, but that’s just it, the arc has so much more going for it.

    Content doesn’t have to be forever useful to everyone. Content is just has to be enjoyed, and personally I feel like the arc adds a certain element of exploration, collection, and just a general ambiance that can’t be found anywhere else in the game. Only thing I can really think of that I would love to see in the future, would be the ability to invite friends to my island so I don’t have to skill all by my lonesome.

    The Arc is a bit lacking here and there at the moment but it has great untapped potential for future expansion. Not in the form of Arc 3 or 4 but in a continued development of quests, items etc. Our private island (we might even be allowed to have two) could be developed with a custom built house for storage and refining resources. We could build and maintain a Miscellania type kingdom that produced stuff for us. Further use of newly discovered resources. The list is endless really. Players will want an area where they can gain their 120 cape as it seems pretty certain the cap in future will be 120 or even 150 rather than 99.

    But, for such an expansion, it’s early days yet. The main game world wasn’t that large in the beginning either. For a taster of that (if you haven’t played Runescape from the start) try a game or two of Classic and see for yourself. At that time some resources were pretty useless that were later on incorporated into the game. Skills such as farming and runecrafting didn’t exist and your only source for herbs and runes was monster drops, that sort of thing.

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