How to Be a Power Pinner

How to Be a Power Pinner

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  1. Pinterest is a phenomenon, but seldom people do it right. If you want to be a power pinner with a lot of fans, there are a handful of rules that you should follow in order to keep your Pinterest boards clean, orderly, organized, and viral.

    Create and Upload Great Images

    Large images tend to do better on Pinterest. If you’re an artist, upload your content in large files. Unlike other sites that encourage you to limit the size of your files, Pinterest files should be large enough that they fill up the entire screen. The larger they are, the more visually pleasing your pins will be and the more repins and likes you’ll be likely to get.

    Properly Tag and Categorize Your Content

    When you pin a photo, make sure you put it in the correct category. There is nothing worse than pinning your recipe on your fashion board (no matter how fashionable the recipe may seem). Don’t have a board for that category? Consider not pinning it, or just liking it if someone has previously pinned it before you. You can also create a new board if you think it’s a category you will often use. Also make sure to add a caption that accurately describes your pin. Since there is no tagging system on Pinterest, your description is how people can search and find your image.

    Link Your Content to the Source

    Biggest Pinterest pet-peeve: pinning an image from a Google image search. The URL associated with the image is long and inaccurate. Make sure to pin directly from the blog or website where you got the image. This also avoids any sort of controversy regarding plagiarism and copyright issues.

    Make Your Content on Your Website or Blog Easy to Pin

    Adding images to your blog or website seems pretty straightforward, but you need to make sure that the images are in the right format to pin. These formats are predominantly .PNG and .JPG images. Make the images big (but not too big for the format of your website) and add the Pinterest sharing buttons to your page. This makes it easy for people who haven’t installed the bookmarklet to pin your content.

    Track Your Pinterest Engagement

    Great tools like Pinerly and PinReach can track your engagement including repins, likes, follows, etc. These tools are limited, but can give you more insight than Pinterest alone.

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