​​How to Build a Content Plan for Your Area of Expertise

​​How to Build a Content Plan for Your Area of Expertise

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  1. So you have thought deeply about what your true area of expertise is or maybe it has been in your DNA since you were born.  Whatever the case if you want to share your message and expertise with the world it helps to have a content plan and structure around your communications and message.

    This article is focused for a user on experts123.com.  The same strategies and plans work though with all your channels.  You first have to understand your perceived audience.  Ask yourself these questions:

    • Is your audience mostly beginners in your subject matter or are you trying to educate more advanced users?
    • Why is your audience interested in your topic of expertise?  What is their motivation and how are you helping them?
    • What medium do you think will resonate with your audience most?  (Different topics work better in different mediums and people are all different.  We will assist you with incorporating video communications as well.)

    Consistency and Focus is Key

    Be consistent.  We recommend choosing a weekly or monthly schedule but depending on your area of expertise and abilities you could choose to publish more frequently.  Bottom-line is that you need to build trust and being consistent and reliable helps build trust with your audience.  Focus is important as well if you want to achieve brand recognition with your name.  We are creating this site for people who want to be recognized at first in 1 specific area.  If you start writing 10 articles about iPhones and then 10 articles on Cats then people can get confused if you are an iPhone expert or a Cats expert.  While we do believe this can be possible the reality is that people like simplicity and to be able to relate 1 expertise to you.

    Start off and think through the first few articles, videos, podcasts in your expertise and plan out how you will do them.  Think through how your audience will relate to the content and how it helps them.

    Some Content Plan Types.  Here are some ideas I’ve seen that work for other experts.

    • Progressive Learning Plan.  This is really like building an online course for beginners in some area of expertise.  You progressively teach them how they can develop a skill or use a tool.
    • Expert Guide Plan.  This is where you as an expert share your knowledge to guide others to make the right decisions in your area of expertise.  Your content is around reviewing products or providing guides on how to select tools in your area of expertise.
    • News and Summaries of News Plan.  Hot technology topics like Big Data and Online Marketing have so much going on that people just want a reliable expert to give them the news that really matters.

    Write it out

    Write out the content plan for at least the first few months.  Put down 12 title ideas.  Think through the time you will need to prepare them.  Schedule the time to do it.  The only way to success is through consistency and hard work.

    Week 1.  Title 1.  Estimated Time.  Research Time.  Due Date.  
    Week 2.  Title 2.
    Week 3.  Title 3.

    Good luck!  We look forward to your expert content plans and contributions in helping others here on the site or wherever you are going out there and sharing to help the world.

    Coming Soon:

    How to understand what your target Audience wants most

    Content Planner Tool

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