How to Choose a Pet Groomer for Dogs

How to Choose a Pet Groomer for Dogs

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  1. Choosing a groomer for your dog isn’t as easy as flipping through the phone book and selecting one close to your home.  You need to do a little research about the facility and the groomer(s).  Ask your veterinarian who they recommend.  If your friends own dogs, find out how they use and what their feelings are towards the service.  Think about what you’d like to have done at each grooming session and find a groomer that provides these services.  Certain breeds may need to have their ears cleaned and hair plucked from the ear canals at each visit.  If you’d like to have your dog’s anal glands expressed, make sure it’s a service the groomer provides.

    Groomers will vary in the services they offer and prices they charge. If you’re looking for extra perks such as painted nails and hair bows, some may provide these services as part of the grooming package, while others will charge an extra fee.

    Questions to ask:

    • What breeds does the groomer specialize in?
    • What is included in a grooming package?
    • How long has he/she been grooming dogs?
    • Are there certain breeds he/she will not work with?
    • If your dog experiences a medical emergency, what is the protocol?
    • If your dog is aggressive/anxious and requires sedation, what does the groomer use?  What training does she/he have in sedating animals?

    Once you’ve spoken with and selected a groomer, visit the facility.  Make sure the grooming shop is clean and neat.  Dogs should be housed separately from cats to avoid unnecessary stress for the pets. How are the dogs dried after bathing?  If an automatic dryer is used, are they monitored during the process to avoid overheating/burns?

    Consider your dog’s feelings towards the groomer as well.  Some dogs may feel more comfortable with females vs. males.  Find someone that has a true love of animals and will treat your dog with care and compassion.  A bad first experience at a grooming facility isn’t something your dog will soon forget.  Make it a good one!  Developing a good relationship with someone that is caring for your best friend is very important. 

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