How to Decorate A Tuscan Themed Home

How to Decorate A Tuscan Themed Home

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  1. When learning how to decorate a Tuscan themed home, you will need to do some research. When most people think of Tuscany, images of vineyards and open countryside come to mind. The main thing to keep in mind when going for a Tuscan theme is to not fall into the grapevine theme trap. It is extremely possible to add beautiful Tuscan decoration to your home without repeating the same theme constantly.

    A Tuscan home centers around family, food and the outdoors. In Tuscany, people live out doors the majority of the time so their homes are very open to the land. Look at pictures, cut them out of magazines and then make a collage of the elements that make you feel most at home. Use that collage with the elements below to create a home that is comfortable and inviting.

    • Look for warm colors in tans, browns, gold, greens, and deep purple.
    • Use dark woods that appear aged.
    • Wrought iron accents on cabinets and doors that look old add to the rustic look.
    • Choose culinary herbs as houseplants for an inexpensive authentic feel.
    • Display wine bottles, fresh produce and breads. These items add a homey feel and invite company to make themselves at home.
    • Beautiful baskets work well for storage as well as decoration.
    • Accent colors of varying shades of red add a little splash of color without seeming out of place.
    • Rock is another natural element that looks amazing in the Tuscan theme.
    • Window dressings should be minimal and made of light flowing fabrics.

    Other unique items that will add small touches to your home are copper cooking pots, hand painted tiles, mosaics, wood bowls, and dishes in bright colors. All of these elements play a large part in how to decorate a Tuscan themed home.

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