How to Decorate Your Bathroom

How to Decorate Your Bathroom

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  1. You need to remember three basic things before decorating your bathroom.

    1.  Who is going to be using this bathroom?

    You need to be practical.  If the kids are going to be using this bathroom, especially little boys…well, you might not want to put a lot of material around the toilet itself.  Not at least until aim is not an issue.  (the article image would be perfect for this situation, all tile, very little decor, easy to clean!)

    You might have been in far too many bathrooms where the decor was completely overdone.  In some cases it was difficult to even find the soap among the flowers, fancy towels, hanging candles and picture showcases.  Think about it.  What have you liked about bathrooms you have seen and enjoyed?  What did you think was completely tasteless?  Go with your tastes and instincts.  And if the bathroom is really going to be used as one, find a way to deal with odors.  Find something you like and utilize fragrances and automatic aroma infusers.  And, please, don’t just leave a box of matches on the counter.

    2.  Why am I decorating this bathroom?

    Are you decorating the bathroom for you or for company?  Are you freshening up the look for your family or for the Joneses?  From elegant to elementary and from posh to pleasant, take a few moments to discover why you want to decorate this particular bathroom.  

    Far too often, people forget to think about practical.  They decorate and fuss over and delight in every little piece of bathroom decor.  Don’t get caught thinking you have to decorate just to decorate.  Too many bathrooms are fraught with overindulgence.  You walk into a frilly jungle of floral explosion.  You need to decide why you are decorating and stick to that reasoning.  You are the one who knows what you want, so decorate with yourself in mind.

    3.  How much energy do I want to put into this decoration project?

    Are you looking to do a remodel or just brightening up the space?  What is your budget?  Do you need to tear out the old shower and reconfigure the space?  Do you want to hire a contractor or do you want to accomplish the project with your own sweat equity and personal ability.

    You need to be realistic.  If the project is major, don’t expect a week turnaround.  Your dream bathroom will not be completed in time for the mother-in-laws visit if you want to accomplish a quick turnaround.  Allow time for major issues to be addressed and unexpected surprises.  You might find that the wall behind the shower is mildewed and has to be treated or repaired.  The floor below the toilet may have rotted from leakage.  Allow for these unexpected issues that are far too common.

    Finally, let the bathroom remodel reflect you or your family and your style.  Let it be a compliment to your home.  You don’t want a cadillac bathroom just off of your schwinn living room.  Allow your bathroom remodel to give you just as much pleasure as your guests.

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