How to Decorate Your Home for Less

How to Decorate Your Home for Less

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  1. Decorating your home does not have to empty your checking account.  Try these simple tricks to give your rooms a fresh new look.

    Living room

    Try pulling your furniture away from the walls.  Gathering furniture around a coffee table will make the room appear more inviting and encourage conversation with your guests.  Got an old game board, checker board or chess board?  It’s the perfect accessory for the coffee table. 

    Dining room

    Plates are no longer for just the table!  Do you have a set of dishes that have been handed down to you?  If not a quick search on craigslist or freecycle will find you a treasure.  Take those dishes and hang them in interesting patterns on the wall.  Don’t use just the plates. Use the saucers and bowls to for an eye catching focal point.  Got the matching cups?  Place three of them in the center of the table and place wildflowers in them.  If you have kids this is a great way to allow them to add their own little touch, let them pick the flowers.


    Make your bedroom look like a luxury hotel by completely covering a wall with curtains.  Find a fabric that contrasts with your bedding to really make the wall attract the eye.  Hanging them at ceiling level will make the room appear larger.  Match throw pillows and other accessories with the curtains. 


    How can you spice up your kitchen?  Why not put your favorite recipes on display?  Print off all your recipes and frame them.  Want to add an extra touch?  Have loved ones write out their recipe for you.  This will give it a personal touch.  An added bonus is you have all your recipes at hand.

    Home décor does not have to break the bank.  With a little creativity those hidden away treasures can become show stopping masterpieces.

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