How to Defeat the Fight Caves in Runecape with rs3 gold cheap on RSorder

How to Defeat the Fight Caves in Runecape with rs3 gold cheap on RSorder

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  1. Are you trying to kill Tok Ket Jad – the last boss in the “Fight Caves”? It is wise for you to prepare enough rs gold before attempting the fight cave. As you can see, you will get the fire cape which is a very useful cape in Runescape and also you will get the ability to fight lce Stryke worms. If you need RS 3 gold in game, you can always buy cheapest RS gold on RSorder. If it is hard for you to kill this boss, you will want to read this article to learn how to Fight Caves.

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    more details:

    High Melee skills and useful weapons is necessary

    In order to ensure you can complete the fight caves, you should have at least 80+ in all melee skills and 43 prayer. Melee is the toughest and longest way to complete the fight caves. You should set up your ability bar. You are going to want Protect from magic, melee, and ranged as three consecutive buttons near the end of your bar. It is also very necessary for you to buy two prayer renewal flasks, five prayer potion flasks, ten super restores, ten saradomin brews and enough purple sweets. Saradomin or Armadyl godsword also can be your good choice. Besides, Bandos armor or Torva armor also can be helpful.

    High Magic and useful items

    Magic is the easiest way to defeat the fight caves. Also, you should set up your ability bar. Ensure you have 70 Magic before you trying to fight caves. It is necessary for you to buy two prayer renewal flasks, two super magic potions, five prayer flasks, eight saradomin brew flasks, eight super restore flasks, and runes for your casts. Also make sure to buy Ahrim’s set to be your armour. If you are in need of RS gold when prepare these useful items, you can consider buying cheapest RS gold on RSorder.

    High Range can be very useful

    Range is a viable choice for you. You should ensure you have 15 Range when it comes to defeat cave. You should get your hands on three super ranging flasks, two prayer renewal flasks, nine super restores as well as 9 saradomin brews. If it is possible, you should make your weapon dark bow as well as Karil’s armor. This cost you a lot to gather all these items, Luckily, RSorder can be a great place for you to get cheapest RS gold.

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