How to Earn Experience and Level Faster in Final Fantasy XIV?

How to Earn Experience and Level Faster in Final Fantasy XIV?

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  1. Want to earn Experience in Final Fantasy XIV fast? Or try to level up your first character to 50 faster? For all these things you want, Safewow would like to put forward the following tips to help you level fast and efficiently to enjoy the Heavensward content.

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    1.Queue for a dungeon:

    This is not the fastest way to level up your characters in Final Fantasy XIV, but an easy, and necessary way that you should know to level up faster. Dungeons are good EXP even post 2.5, and then do quest while completing your hunting log. Quests should be the mindless path of earning EXP and there is no point in saving them, honestly, with the 50% boost to your secondary jobs, leveling changes a lot, such as the ability to spam guildleves and it be worthwhile, whereas on your first character guildleves, even the “exploitable” ones, aren’t that great considering you can’t do them 5 levels early and you aren’t getting 50% more EXP.

    2.Follow main story:

    On your way to level up the first character, the best thing to do is following the main story, which is going to give you the vast majority of your experience and lead you to where the quests are. Quests, main story, and dungeons, are plenty of enough to get you quickly from level 1 to 50. Considering the double story scenario EXP and the fact you must complete the story to explore Heavensward, there is no reason to not level up your first character on your story missions.

    3.Grind out Guildleves:

    If the two ways above are simple and easy, this one should be the most efficient one that grants you a great boost of Exp. A level 35 guildleve turned to the maximum level gives 10,000 EXP, plus the 50% EXP bonus, you’re at 15,000 EXP per each, at a level where quests give you about 6 to 7k, for something you can grind out rather easily. You can earn 6 allowances a day and you can stack 99 of them up, which is probably what you’ll have looking at it. They are limited and you will run out.

    So, basically, queue for a dungeon and grind out guildleves, while you wait for the dungeon. If you’re out of allowances, then grind FATES. FATES are useful for your challenge and hunting log, but otherwise can be ignored unless you need some EXP to cover a gap between story scenarios.

    That’s all to get it! Wish these tips would help you a little on your way to hit level 50. Have a fun adventuring in Final Fantasy. And if you need cheap FFXIV Gils, safewow is a reliable one that you shouldn’t miss, especially when 10% discount code “WED” is available every Wednesday to help you enjoy really cheap orders!

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