How to Farm Power Points with cheap astral diamonds in Neverwinter Xbox Sharandar

How to Farm Power Points with cheap astral diamonds in Neverwinter Xbox Sharandar

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  1. If you have completed the Sharandar Campaign, you should have found that there is the option to keep farming for Power Points. Of course, Power Points is useful in Neverwinter. Actually, you don’t need to max everything out. What you should do is to farm Neverwinter Power Points at the right time.

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    1. You are recommended to do it each log in. Thus, you won’t get burnt out, but get more done and have fun doing it. Honestly, on most builds 80% percent of Power Points are untouched or useless. So don’t spent much more time on farming Power Points.

    2. You can do it every day for three reasons:

    First, get refining stones for enhancements which can be used or sold for astral diamonds xbox;

    Second, get some nice XP while killing groups of mobs in Sharandar, which you can do relatively easy and fast. And those mobs can also drop some more refining stones and enhancements.

    Last, it doesn’t take much time when you are 2500+ ilvl. You can do quests in all 3 areas in less than 30 minutes.

    3. If you have reached to Level 70, you only need to run the quests that give currency and get a power point every 5 days, for it is the only guaranteed power point after level 70.

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