How to Get 99 Thieving in RuneScape with free runescape gold on RSorder

How to Get 99 Thieving in RuneScape with free runescape gold on RSorder

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  1. It is known to all that steal is a great way to make money in Runescape, so it is wise for you to level up your to Thieving to 99 as fast as possible. The higher your Thieving level, the easier it is to steal without getting caught. This can be great for you to gain more rsgold. However, it is not so that easy to level up your skill. If you need RS 3 gold in game when training your skill, you can always buy cheap RS gold on RSorder. RSorder Double 5% Offers is available now, and you can get cheapest RS gold on RSorder. Besides, here are our guide to level 99:

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    Level up fast at low level

    To start, you will want to visit the Thieves’ Guild which located in northern Lumbridge. Ask Guildmaster Darren Lightfinger if you can pickpocket the dummy, and continue to pickpocket. After achieved 5 Thieving, you can head to complete the Buyers and Cellars quest. You can get about 8 Thieving once you finishes this quest. Besides, it is also wise for you to pickpocket from men and women. You can steal double, triple, or even quadruple loot once you achieved high levels in Thieving or Agility. You reach 10 Thieving by doing this.

    Level up from 20 to 55 fast

    You can try pickpocketing farmers or try stealing from the bakers’ stalls in East Ardougne to level up to 20 Thieving. Once you achieved 20 Thieving, you can head to the HAM cave. From level 25 to 40 you should pickpocket warrior women, and you can pickpocket guards until level 42. Once achieved level 42, you will need to head over to Draynor village and pickpocket the master farmer there and you can achieve level 55 after that. When you are steal from others, make sure to be careful. You can visit RSorder if you need RS gold in game.

    Achieve the ultimate 99 Thieving

    You can complete the “From Tiny Acorns” minequest to get access to the coshing volunteers and doing this will help you achieve level 70. After achieved level 70, you can do pyramid plunder, this is the fastest exp in the game and you can get 90 level in this way. But also very click intensive, so it may not be worth it. To achieve the 99 level, you can consider Elven Clan Workers. It is a lot more relaxing and makes quite a bit more money, although this is not as fast as pyramid plunder.

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