1. Kate hat

    Kate Middleton is not only the "it" girl right now, but also the future queen of England after she becomes wed to Prince William. She is known for her subtle elegance, dress suits, boots, and outrageous hats. This queen-to-be definitely has her style down pat, and we are excited to see what she will wear on the big day. Here is a list of styles that Kate Middleton uses, and how you can get her style.

    Feathered Hats

    Kate loves these small feather hats that sit perfectly on her head. Similar to Carrie Bradshaw’s bird that she wore in her veil in Sex in the City the movie, Kate pairs these hats with a more subtle and simple look. She wears them off to the side on her head to give a modern flair to the generally ridiculous hats other famous royal brides have worn. The hat is an important accessory in royal formal affairs and the hats used in the wedding ceremony will undoubtedly make a statement (and then some).

    Kate wrap dressKate’s Signature Wrap Dress

    The perfectly flattering dress is always the wrap dress, and Kate is a huge fan of the wrap dress. It is conservative, but still feminine, which shows off her figure, but not too much. These dresses fill Kate’s closet, as they should. They fit her perfectly!

    Tailored Coats and Dress Suits

    Kate dress suitKate is always dressed appropriately – something she makes sure to do by wearing a tailored piece to any public event. Kate enjoys flattering dress suits and blazers, and will also don a tailored trench coat from time to time that is always fitted at the shoulders and at the waist.

    These Boots Are Made for Walking…

    Kate’s preppy style is perfect for when she pairs her feminine dress suits with her favorite riding boots. Kate will wear this with her dress suits and stockings or she will wear them when casual with jeans and a sweatshirt. Regardless, these boots are perfect for the cold London days and all of the walking around and meeting people that a future queen has to do.

    Kate ball gown

    Formal Gowns

    When Kate dresses up, she does it well. She wears dresses that seem to hang perfectly off of her petite frame. While they show off her figure, they cover up enough skin to be tasteful in the public eye. She usually goes for a simple satin or silk dress and does not shy away from color, so it will be interesting to see what she wears as her wedding gown for the big day.

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