How to Get a Six-Pack

How to Get a Six-Pack

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  1. Six-pack abs are one of the most desired fitness goals amongst exercisers. There is an ever-growing number of exercise devices, designed to capitalize on this goal, that promise six-pack abs. Clearly defined abdominal muscles are actually a result of two key factors: proper diet and muscle growth.

    Spot Training Myth

    Spot training, or spot reduction, is an idea that states that weight loss can be targeted to one area of the body without changing other areas. There is no scientific evidence to support this. There is no way to control where the body chooses to remove fat to be used as fuel. A study performed at the University of Massachusetts had 13 male students perform 5000 sit-ups over the course of the 27 days. Before and after, fat biopsies from the stomach, rear and back of each subject. At the conclusion of the study, fat reduction was the same across all three sites.

    Proper Diet

    Definition of the abs, or any other muscle group, depends largely on diet. Fat, formed from excess calories, creates a layer between the muscle and skin which obscures the shape of the muscle group. A balanced diet consisting of limited fats and large amounts of fiber will contribute to weight loss which will increase visible muscle definition. According to bodybuilding website, Scooby’s Workshop, abdominal muscle become evident between 7 and 12 percent body fat.

    Muscle Growth

    The size of the muscles will, of course, effect how defined they appear once overall body fat is reduced. Performing crunches, oblique twists and side bends will help to strength and build the abdominal muscles. The abs should only be worked once a week for 30 to 45 minutes and allowed to rest, just like any other muscle group.

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