How to Grow an Indoor Garden

How to Grow an Indoor Garden

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  1. Indoor gardening is a favorite hobby for many people all over the world. Indoor gardening is doe mostly growing vegetables. Indoor gardening does require large room space. Vegetables especially can be grown in pots, hanging baskets or containers near windowsills for sunlight.


    Indoor gardening does not require much effort but good gardening methods must be carefully followed and adhered to.


    Starting Your Indoor Garden

    Things Needed:


    1. Sufficient room space with window

    2. Potting soil

    3. Suitable container, pots or basket

    4. Vegetable/Plant seeds

    5. Soil Fertilizer

    6. Gloves




    1. Locate where exactly you want to grow crops or vegetables indoor

    2. Ensure the space is big enough and is near a window that permits sunlight during the day



    3. Get good containers for your indoor garden. You can alternatively use hanging baskets or pots with suitable drainage. The size and shape depends on you.


    4. Ensure there are holes beneath the container you want to use. Most people prefer baskets for the purpose because of this.


    5. For crops such as pumpkins and squash, use deep containers.




    6. Buy a lightweight potting mix. (You can get this from a garden supply center or nursery


    7. Ensure you containers and ready and have adequate drainage as said in point 4


    8. Put small stones in the dish with the pot on top.


    9. Ensure your soil has some amount of moisture (a little water) in it


    10. Fill the container with the moist soil but not to the brim to allow for watering


    11.  Plant the seeds according to the specified method on its sachet or envelope


    12. Cover the planted seeds with a thin layer of soil



    Caring to seeds

    13. Have adequate time and examine seeds daily


    14. Water regularly when the seeds are dry. (Recommended to be done in the early mornings


    15. Add fertilizer on regular basis to replenish the soil nutrients lost during watering


    16. Ensure the plant get adequate sunlight daily



    The above are the general steps required to grow and indoor garden. There are however some pre-cautions or further tips to be taken note off in the course of the entire activity.


    Tips and Precautions

    1. Research on the crop you want to grow to know what it requires to make it thrive well

    2. Avoid excess watering as it might gather at the base of the container and cause the root of the crop to rot

    3. The deeper the pot, the less watering needed

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