How to Level up World of Warcraft: Legion Lvl100-110 in 6 hours?

How to Level up World of Warcraft: Legion Lvl100-110 in 6 hours?

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  1. Group leveling is definitely the way to go this expansion if you can. But this guide is also fine with solo working. If you follow all the paths we developed and advised as below, you can expect to complete World of Warcraft: Legion Leveling from 100-110 in 6-8 hours.

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    Do profession quest to level up easily

    In legion, most professions give you a quick couple of quests to do in Aszuna. Enchanting actually gives you 3 incredibly easy quests for 15k xp each in the first quest hub. Engineering, however, makes you travel out of your way from the other quests, and then only gives one quest that rewards XP.
    Once the profession quests in Aszuna have been done, you get another quest to do in Dalaran which in turn gives you a quest to go to Val’shara or Highmountain. If you do every main story quest solo you may need 30% of a level at 109 after you complete all the dungeon quests.

    Do every class order hall quest to level up fast

    You should definitely do every Class Order Hall quest that pops up as you’re leveling at 102/105. Even quests to obtain another artifact might be worth doing, because they give roughly 20% of a level in 10 minutes or less for some classes. When you do your first Class Hall upgrade, go for whatever trait you have to increase the chance to get rare/epic bonus from quest rewards.

    Dungeon leveling in World of Warcraft: Legion

    Dungeon leveling is also great if you have a tank. You can do a Neltharion’s Lair in 8 minutes and get 12-14% of a level without usage of banners. Most of Experiences you get from dungeons come from the end bonus. This might be a better option at a point, and might be a good way to fill in some missing XP from profession quests if you skipped them in a party, which are kind of annoying to do unless everyone has the same profession set.

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