How to Make Halloween Candies Less Boring for Trick-or-Treaters

How to Make Halloween Candies Less Boring for Trick-or-Treaters

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  1. Trick-or-treaters have a habit of frequenting houses known for giving out the best treats on Halloween. While some Halloweeners might be tempted to get the cheaper variety packs of assorted candies, if you’re a fan of Halloween, then getting interesting and fun treats to give out can make for more exciting Halloween for the trick-or-treaters as well as for you.

    Creepy Candies for Halloween

    You can’t go wrong with milk chocolate candies, but it can get a bit mundane if you always hand out the same fun-size or mini Snickers and Milky Way bars – it also doesn’t add to the spirit of the holiday. To add some excitement to the batch, include the traditional candy bars with a batch of milk chocolate eye balls covered in colorful foil. These can be fun for your trick-or-treaters’ imagination but also an interesting addition to the batch of candies that’s more festive.

    Classic Candy for Halloween

    If you don’t want to venture into a monster mash of chocolate oddities, consider adding the classic candies to your trick-or-treat list. Candy selections such as Abba-Zaba, Sugar Daddies, and Choward’s Violet can all add a fun and interesting mix to your selection for the trick-or-treaters.

    Fancy Candy for Kids

    If you want to be the coolest house on the block, consider full-size candy bars. You might have promised yourself as a kid that grown-up you would give out the more generous size bars. Just keep in mind that while this may make you a hero to the trick-or-treaters, you’re likely to get return visits, especially from high school kids that decide to trick or treat.

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